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Solving the Classroom Equation

with MindTap Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

MindTap is an all-in-one learning solution powered by an advanced quantitative answer evaluation and grading engine that rises to meet the needs of today's college students and instructors in math, statistics, and physics. MindTap supports students’ workflow by placing equal importance on conceptual learning and skill-development, empowering them to take ownership of their learning. Move beyond assessment by quickly analyzing performance and addressing the unique needs of your students.

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Improve Outcomes

Designed with input from students and instructors to reduce distraction and enable learning

Boost Engagement

Intuitive, all-in-one online learning experience that keeps college students focused and engaged with materials

Customize Lessons

Proven text-specific content and algorithmic questions that match and support what is in the textbook

Three Classroom Challenges and Solutions

MindTap pre-course assessment boosts student preparedness

Knowing What Your Students Don’t Know

“We have just implemented our own pre-course assessment this semester. We are using generic problems...and requiring students who perform poorly to attend a workshop. It would be nice if these materials were already prepared for us.”
Jennifer Greenwood — Carroll Community College


MindTap offers the best pre-course assessment available. This assessment is a low-stakes environment that motivates your students to improve their prerequisite skills on their own time, arriving to class as prepared as possible.

MindTap learning path improves scheduling

Keeping Track of Due Dates

“Currently, my students...just see a list of assignments with due dates, these are easily overlooked and I am constantly getting extension requests with the comments ‘I didn't realize it was due on Friday,’ for example.”
Catherine Lane — University of Cincinnati: Clermont College


The Learning Path mirrors your weekly or topic-driven syllabus and provides your students with a clear understanding of what to do and when, allowing you to keep your class on schedule.

MindTap side-by-side help resources

Improving Focus on Required Materials

“I have had students who spend hours going over problems from other resources like Khan Academy instead of reading the text, etc. Then they run out of time to do their...homework.”
Mary Legner — Riverside City College


Side-by-side help resources offer guidance that is free of pop-ups and distractions, encouraging students to stay focused on completing the proper tasks in the appropriate order.

Research Reports and Testimonials


Hear what real instructors have to say about MindTap for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics

You Asked, We Answered

We interviewed, observed, surveyed, and conducted usability tests with thousands of students and instructors from around the country. In this report, students and your peers explain how MindTap’s Pre-Course Assessment boosts student engagement and achievement.