• How to Import Moodle XML Test Banks into Moodle 2.1+

    Updated 05/05/2014

    1.  When logged into the Moodle course, select Turn Editing On:

    2.  While in editing mode, open the Add a Resource drop-down box.  From the drop-down menu, choose Folder:

    3.  At this point, give the folder a name and a description.  Under the Content field, select Add to import your zip file to the folder.  Also, be sure to change the drop-down menu to Hide under Common Module Settings.  This will ensure the changes are hidden from students:

    4.  When searching for a file to upload, select Upload a File.  You will be able to upload the test bank zip file into the created folder by selecting Upload this File:

    5.  Once the file is uploaded, select the Paper icon to unzip the file:

    6.  Moodle will then work to unzip the file.  The program will show all of the chapters in .xml format.  You can scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Save and Return to Course to continue:

    7.  Moodle will direct you to the home screen of the course.  Under the Settings block, click the arrow icon to the left of Question Bank and choose Import:

    8.  When inside of the import options, choose Moodle XML format.  Once the Moodle format is selected, use Choose a File under Import Questions from File:

    9.  If you want to locate the unzipped file that was uploaded, select Server Files and then Test Banks (Folder Name).  Then, choose Files and Subfolders.  This will show you all of the chapters listed:

    10.  After selecting the chapter you want to upload to the course, click on Import:

    11.  After importing the chapter, Moodle will upload the number of questions from the specific chapter.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Continue:

    12.  It is important to remember that Moodle allows only one file to be uploaded at a time.  For the remaining chapters, follow steps 7-11 for a successful import.