• ExamView Start-up Directions

    Launch the PowerLecture CD. When the main menu appears select ExamView and follow the “Instructions” for use on a MAC or PC. Restart your computer. Select ExamView Test Generator on your desktop. You will see:

    Select “Create a new test using a wizard,” and you will be asked to name your test. Choose "Next."

    Note: You may create a test by selecting questions while viewing them by choosing the “Create a new test from Scratch” option below the wizard option seen on the left. Click the small black binoculars icon to “select while viewing”.

    While using the “wizard” you will be asked to select the chapter(s) from which you want to create the test. Click “Select” on the right once you have chosen. The chapter will appear in the blank box below. Choose "Next."

    A list of the question types appears so you can select the number of each type you need. Type the number of each in the blank.

    Choose "Finish" on the summary page and your test will appear.

     If you right click (or double click) on the question you can “edit” the question.

    In the lower left corner there is a button called "new” that allows you to create an entirely new question. Your answer key appears on the final page(s) of the test.

    To print, select “file” and “print” and you can select the number of versions to print as well as your “scramble” options.