• We want you to know about the
    Student Digital Advocate Program

    The Student Digital Advocate Program is part of Cengage Learning’s Digital Course Support program. The role of the Student Digital Advocate is to assist instructors’ students to successfully sign in and use the adopted Cengage Learning digital product, OWL v2.

    The Program:
    This program enlists the best and brightest students to increase OWLv2 visibility on campus.   Most of the student work centers around conducting OWL v2 demonstrations for fellow students.  Depending on instructor needs and time availability, students who participate in the program may also:

    • conduct surveys among fellow students using OWL v2 in specific classes
    • share the student perspective with instructors  
    • help with student focus groups
    • generally report and coordinate the above activities

    Program Benefits & Outcomes:

    • Provides an additional  resource to help students get up-to-speed on the adopted digital product.
    • Promotes better student learning and engagement because more students activate and use the digital solution the professors have adopted.
    • Promotes student use of the digital solution earlier in the term with fewer initial sign-in and data/equation entry problems because a peer is available to help.
    • Promotes instructor confidence in the adopted digital solution and interest in learning more advanced techniques for using the product.
    • Promotes student comfort with the digital product, which can lead to increased student engagement, better grades and more satisfied instructors.
    • Encourages students to connect with their peers and gain important resume-ready experience.

    What now?
    Work with your local sales representative to:

    • Set attainable goals
    • Create a timeline of activities
    • Choose criteria for electing/nominating the Advocates at the institution.


    The Student Digital Advocate Program is a UNIQUE service program offered only by Cengage Learning.