• Getting Started With OWL V2


    Information for part-time and full-time HCC Chemistry 1411/1412 Instructors:

    1. Contact Danielle Curtis (Danielle.curtis@cengage.com) to have a Cengage Learning Single Sign-on (SSO) account created.   Provide your HCC e-mail address, phone number, HCC campus name, and course being taught (1411 or 1412 or both) with the start & end class dates and meeting time (e.g., MW 11-2:00).
      1. With the above information, Danielle will add the Zumdahl text and all its electronic instructor supplements to your SSO account.
      2. Danielle will also create an on-line Web Learning (OWLv2) account complete within your SSO account with course(s) and homework sets created by HCC faculty. The OWL homework sets provided are a base line so you can provide practice, give students feedback, give students access to the OWL eBook, and view grades immediately. You can alter the homework and the dates of the assignments or grant extensions.
      3. The Course Key that Danielle gives to you should be given to your students. There will be a different course key for each section you teach so that your grade book with OWL will be organized by section. You will also have the capability to export the grades in OWL V2 to Moodle.
      4. The Course Key comes from you, the instructor, and the purchased code the students will need can be purchased in the bookstore or online. See student buying options at this site. The Course Key provides students with about three weeks of the free access before they have to buy the code.  Danielle will provide you with a set of student registration instructions (SRI) that you can pass along to your students.  This SRI will provide your student with instructions on how to register for your OWL v2 course.
    2. If you need a copy of the book, contact your department chair. If copies have run out at your campus, contact, your Learning Consultant, Ann Caven at ann.caven@cengage.com with a cc to your department chair.  Ann can help in a pinch.  An electronic version of the book, is available to you within OWL v2 in your Single Sign-on, or SSO, account
    3. The HCC bookstores are selling the HCC custom versions of the Zumdahl, Chemistry 9th edition at a greatly reduced price. There is a Zumdahl, Volume 1 for the 1411 course and a Zumdahl Volume 2 for the 1412 course. Both volumes are packaged with an OWL code so students can complete the homework and practice. The code alone is also sold standalone through the bookstore for students who have a used copy of the book or will not be using a book. An eBook version of Zumdahl is housed within the OWL v2 system, so students can get along without a hard copy of the book if they choose to do so.
    4. As noted above, instructor supplements are housed in your Single Sign-on, or SSO, account at Cengage.com/sso. There you will find a couple of different PowerPoint slide sets. The Lecture set has both visuals (not all from the book) and bullet points (many more words). There is also a set of PowerPoint presentations that contains all the visuals from the book but no verbiage.  The presentations can be taken apart and edited to suit you. Both are organized by chapter. You may also post this slides to your Moodle Course.
    5. ExamView is the electronic testing program, which can be loaded/found in your SSO account. You will need an HCC tech person to download ExamView on your HCC computer, but will need no extra assistance on your personal computer.  Once installed, just select the ExamView Test Generator to begin. Use the “binocular” icon to select questions while viewing. See the ExamView link at this site for more information. Ann Caven at ann.caven@cengag.com is your best contact for assistance with this product.
    6. Danielle will also be in communication with you throughout the semester.  If you have any questions or concerns with the OWL V2 system you can contact her anytime.  Below is her contact information:


    Danielle Curtis
    E-mail: Danielle.curtis@cengage.com
    Direct phone: 859-657-4452