• Features

    The product for General Chemistry, designed to be used in the first-year general chemistry course, is comprised of twenty-two units.  Each unit contains assignable conceptual and problem-solving activities, mastery questions, and challenge problems that help students achieve conceptual understanding as well as master problem-solving skills.  A concept map will track individual student and overall class progress on course learning objectives.  The concept map will help students visualize the connections between chemistry concepts, and identify where they need to focus their study time.   

    Concept Activities 
    Conceptual modules are designed to engage students in learning chemistry concepts.  Activities vary depending on the concept being presented and include videos, simulations, and animations, each with pertinent narrative accompanied by questions designed to assess student comprehension.    

    Problem-Solving Activities 

    Problem-solving modules are designed to help students learn and practice problem-solving skills.  These modules include a detailed example problem, a problem solving video, and a graded practice problem.  Practice problems give students the choice of a tutored mode to guide them step-by-step in the problem-solving process.  These problems are randomized chemically and numerically to provide ample practice and minimize cheating.    

    Mastery Units 

    Mastery units help students practice their problem-solving skills. Mastery learning problems contain questions associated with specific concepts or skills. With these unique problems, the chemistry, the wording of the questions, and the numbers change to ensure student mastery. This 3-way randomization of problems allows students to practice until they understand the underlying chemical concepts.    

    Review and Challenge Problem Sets 

    These problems help students to review content already covered as they pull together several concepts covered in the unit.      

    Diagnostic Quizzes 

    These quizzes are designed to test student comprehension and retention throughout the course, and to pinpoint student weaknesses.  Comprehensive diagnostic quizzes cover multiple units.  These multiple-choice practice quizzes feature common student misconceptions as distractors, and help students to pinpoint their mistakes. Based on the quiz results, students will see answer-specific feedback and be directed back to previously covered units that they need to review.    

    Quick Prep

    General Chemistry is often one of the first really challenging courses college students face. Students can overestimate their readiness to do well in this course. Quick Prep effectively helps students review key chemistry concepts that they should remember from high school and preparatory chemistry courses. Quick Prep features a pre-test that evaluates students’ skills and then directs them to specific modules designed to teach them the skills that they need to be successful in General Chemistry.  A follow up post-test evaluates students’ progress and readiness.