Cengage Learning is proud to partner with industry leading technology companies to provide value added solutions and services to instructors and students.


We are always excited to explore new partnership opportunities. Interested parties should send a note to  partnership@cengage.com.


MindApp Partners



Providing students with the tools necessary to understand and apply large quantities of complex concepts, Cengage Learning, a global education company, and Cerego, the essential memory management tool, have partnered to integrate adaptive learning technology within the MindTap platform for the Psychology discipline.  Using a series of integrated apps, called MindApps, the MindTap platform provides a premier e-learning environment that delivers high levels of engagement to inspire improved student outcomes.  Beginning in 2015, the Mastery Training MindApp, powered by Cerego, has been integrated into MindTap, which has since reached more than 300,000 students in over 25 different disciplines to-date.


In a collaborative effort to support students in their career goals, Cengage Learning, a global education company, and Microsoft, an influential multinational technology company, have partnered to integrate Microsoft Office products into MindTap for Business Statistics and MindTap for Computing. This relationship will help students on the path to career readiness as it's the first of its kind to provide students with interactive access to Microsoft Office products within the MindTap platform, giving them the ability to learn in real-time.