• New Releases Bring Exciting Updates to Your MindTap Course

  • MindTap May 2015 Release

    App Dock

    By popular demand, the app dock now displays in a bar along the right side of the Dashboard.

    • Expand and collapse the app dock on demand.   
    • Rearrange the order of apps as you see fit. 

    Progress App

    Additional information is now available when reviewing each Student Details Page:

    • See when a student has an assignment in progress. Select this icon to display the date and time when the student began the assignment. 
    • View a student's First Login Date and Time in addition to the Last Login Date and Time.

    Google Drive App

    Performance in the app has dramatically improved, particularly when displaying a large number of documents and when uploading files to Google Drive. 

    • New pagination minimizes the need to scroll while improving page load time. 
    • A new search option enables you to more easily find documents. 
    • Filter PDFs and Google Drive Folders in addition to documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

    Course Settings Page

    • Expandable menus make it easier to navigate the sections of the page.
    • View all TA’s and Co-instructors in your course, and manage their permissions from one page.

    MindTap Summer 2015 Release

    Here is a sneak peak at exciting new features coming with this summer’s MindTap release. To see these features live before the launch, and learn how you will be able to incorporate them into your course, join us for a webinar with the MindTap team on May 28th from 2pm-3pm EST.

    The MindTap Mobile App

    Help students stay connected to your course and study on the go

    • Have due date reminders sent right to their smart phones
    • Access and create course flashcards
    • Generate quizzes for self-study

    New MindTap "Study Center"

    Empower students to personalize their study tools

    • Create personalized study guides from notes, highlights, and flashcards
    • Access any notes and highlights shared by the instructor (you!)

    New MindTap Message Center

    Connect with students directly from MindTap

    • Send a message to your whole class, a group of students, or an individual student

    And More New MindTap Platform Enhancements

    Various MindTap improvements including a Resource Center

    Important Alert - Outline Builder MindApp:

    Important alert for anyone using the Outline Builder MindApp in their course.

    Known issue: Instructors may be unable to view student outline submissions.


    • You can view student submissions from the progress app.
    • Click on 'student submissions' from the grading screen.
    • You may encounter a blank preview screen. You can view and grade submissions by clicking the 'Student View' button on the grading screen.
    • All entered data is saved successfully.

    A suggested workaround also appears in your students’ course. 

    MindTap Summer 2015 Release

    The MindTap Summer Release brings you and your students useful tools to stay connected to your course.  Click the title for a brief video overview of each exciting enhancement. 

    StudyHub allows you to:

    • Share your MindTap Reader notes and highlights with students
    • Build Study Guides for student use 

    StudyHub empowers students to:

    •  Find notes, highlights, flashcards, and other key studying tools. 
    • Filter by topic or study tool-type
    • Create custom Study Guides for personalized review
    • *StudyHub is available now in all newly created MindTap courses. In order to maintain consistency for students in existing courses, StudyHub will appear in them with all notes and highlights imported from the MyNotes App on July 30th.   

     The MindTap Mobile App provides students with a number of at-hand resources and benefits:

    • Instant notification of all announcements that you make in the course, as well as changes to activity due dates and scores in the gradebook, keeping students 100% informed. 
    • The opportunity to review flashcards anytime, anywhere
    • A quiz generator to study and prepare for assessment
    • *Students can download from iTunes on July 15 and Google Play on July 22.
      *Students must activate their MindTap course access code to utilize the app.

    Message Center  enables you to:

    • Quickly message your entire class
    • Connect with an individual student or a group of students

    With the Message Center, students can:

    • View all messages in the MindTap Dashboard
    • Receive an email notification when a message is posted
    • Add additional emails and a mobile phone number for text message delivery

    *The Message Center will appear in the Dashboard and App Dock later this summer