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    Users of Cengage's rich digital learning solutions and content gain seamless access through automatic sign-on and gradebook integration, creating a simpler and more intuitive user experience for instructors and students.

  • Initial Set-up

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    Receive E-mail from Cengage

    You will receive an e-mail containing the Domain, Secret and Key for your institution and a URL to test connectivity. If you have not yet received, or would like to request, this information, please contact us.
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    Configure and Test

    The Administrator Quick Start Guide will walk you through the process of configuring an external tool provider. The recommended approach is to add an external tool provider configuration for all LMS groups/domains. This will allow instructors to embed links without the need to configure the LTI Key and Secret individually. Prior to release of any Cengage courses, we require the configuration to be verified by launching the “Test Link” provided in the e-mail. Follow your LMS’s process to add an external tool (LTI) link into any course and launch to complete the test.