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    Users of Cengage Learning's rich digital learning solutions and content gain seamless access through automatic sign-on and gradebook integration, creating a simpler and more intuitive user experience for instructors and students.

  • Initial Set-up

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    Receive E-mail from Cengage

    You will receive an e-mail containing the Domain, Secret and Key for your institution and a URL to test connectivity. If you have not yet received, or would like to request, this information, please contact us.
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    Configure and Test

    Follow the instructions including testing connectivity by adding an external link using the connectivity test URL supplied in the Cengage e-mail. Once the link is added, run a configuration test by launching the connectivity test link. Once all tests display "PASS,” use the “Accept” button to confirm the results of the test.
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    Communicate to Faculty

    Once testing has been completed, Cengage will be notified and will deliver course-specific content to instructors who have adopted our solutions. Instructors will receive a Quick Guide with their content fulfillment e-mail. You may also direct faculty to our Moodlerooms Instructor Support Site where they can access product-specific documentation, tutorials and student Getting Started materials. If possible, make this link available to instructors on your faculty support website.