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    Cengage and Blackboard have partnered to offer LMS Integration with our premier digital solutions.

    Users will enjoy a seamless user experience including automatic gradebook synchronization, creating a simpler and more intuitive user experience for instructors and students using Blackboard.

  • Initial Set-up

    Install the Cengage Building Block and enable it for use in courses on your campus.

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    Receive E-mail from Cengage

    You will receive an e-mail containing the configuration parameters for your institution. This includes the School ID, Key, and Secret. If you have not yet received, or would like to request, this information, please contact us.
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    Configure and Test

    Follow the steps in the administrator guide to download, configure and test the Cengage Building Block. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Administrator Quick Guide.
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    Communicate to Faculty

    Once testing has been completed, Cengage will be notified and will deliver course-specific content to instructors who have adopted our solutions. Instructors will receive a Quick Guide with their content fulfillment e-mail. You may also direct faculty to our Blackboard Instructor Support Site where they can access product-specific documentation, tutorials and student Getting Started materials. If possible, make this link available to instructors on your faculty support website.