• Why GVRL? Because 94% of educators believe technology helps improve student learning.
  • Students performing research tasks

    GVRL:  The First Choice of Students and Educators

    Students want to feel control over the learning process.  They want learning to be relevant. And they want to use a wide range of digital tools, resources, and content.

    Educators want resources they can easily integrate into curriculum in order to help students learn.  And they want to prepare them for the future.

    GVRL offers a means to integrate quality digital nonfiction content into K-12 curriculum while providing a fruitful online research experience.  With expert authoritative content from top publishers, students and teachers will gain access to validated resources to enrich their learning — delivered through a student- and educator-friendly platform.

    GVRL eBooks are easy to use and allow unlimited simultaneous users — from computers, tablets, and other mobile devices — giving students and educators access anytime, with no special downloads or apps.

    Here are five things you’ll love about GVRL:

  • Device accessibility eliminates any complicated log-on or app download process—the experience is automatically optimized to the appropriate device/screen size.  Best of all, it delivers easy-to-use, high-quality content to any device used in K-12 1:1 or BYOD schools, implemented to increase engagement, personalize learning, teach future-ready skills, and improve achievement.
    Students note a preference for nonfiction in the eBook format but prefer print for leisure reading. GVRL delivers the best of both worlds with both HTML and PDF formats. Flipping through PDFs provides a highly visual, colorful, book-like experience, providing a familiar and friendly context to book-loving readers.

    Because GVRL is built with research in mind, it's chock-full of features to enrich the typically flat eBook searching and reading experience.

    • Easy to Share or Keep Content — Through permanent bookmarks (no password required) and other tools like the Google Classroom share button, titles, chapters and articles can be easily integrated into curriculum. Don't hide eBooks behind a check-in, check-out library model— use GVRL instead to put the quality content directly into the student and teacher workflow. Through G Suite for Education like Gmail, Drive and Docs, anyone can access materials in the classroom or at home seamlessly through their Google login. Learn more about increasing access and engagement with G Suite for Education.
    • Optimized for Search and Discovery — In a single search, students can easily find the most relevant content from a library’s entire eBook collection, or subcollection. Advanced tools can filter content from thousands articles, from thousands of titles by target audience to build a collection to meet every reading level.
    • Citation Tools — Make it easy for students to cite their work using Gale’s citation tool, which automatically generates both the APA and MLA citation in their most recent format. Students can easily export the citation into EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, RefWorks, and Google Drive and Docs.
    • Highlights and Notes — Students select and highlight important text, add notes, and view, print, or export that information for powerful, personalized, and accurate notes.
    • Differentiated Instruction through Technology — Fully supported by the GVRL platform with:
      • ReadSpeaker functionality allows students to hear the article read out loud, as the words spoken are highlighted on the screen.
      • Text translation into 23 languages accommodates (and welcomes) ESL students from diverse backgrounds, enhancing both accessibility and usability for a broad population.

    Teachers can incorporate more up-to-date research and relevant articles into the classroom experience by developing class or project guides for students. The “bookmark” feature makes it easy to generate persistent URLs to any article or search results. This enriched learning experience supports independent discovery both inside and outside the classroom.

    Teachers and students can seamlessly assign or turn in content from third-party websites to Google Classroom via Google’s new Classroom Share button. Plus, articles—including their highlights and notes— can be shared and downloaded using G Suite for Education tools like Drive and Docs.

    More than half of college freshman have a hard time learning to navigate new tools.1GVRL helps develop critical skills like coming up with keywords, sorting through search results, identifying and applying different sources. High school users can mature through products seamlessly as they advance to college-level research, without having to learn an entirely new set of tools.

  • Users told School Library Journal this about GVRL:

    “Most-used reference materials come from Gale.” 2

    “Gale has easy access and an easy process for obtaining eBooks.  Most importantly, we don’t encounter technical issues with access, and we OWN the content.” 3

    “The content is well aligned to the curriculum.” 

    “Outstanding service, ease of purchase, excellent preview selection program, choice of titles.” 3

    “The reference books are amazing, and they are all searchable as a database. All the reference books are multi user access, the articles can be emailed home, and there are citations.” 2

    “Students have one access point to find (hundreds) eBooks….they are usually successful when searching for information.”

    “The interface is much easier to use [than other eBook platforms] and requires no individual user names and passwords.” 3

    “Already pleased with digital content (databases); relationship with company; sought reference titles for our first eBook collections and felt they offered the best platform, pricing, accessibility for our campus, etc.” 2

    “Unlimited access, quality reference ebooks, easy to use and download, current.” 2

    “I have been buying the For Students series for several years now in print and recently have matched many of my Gale print titles with ebooks.” 2

    “We buy non‐fiction from Gale, which currently is used far more than the fiction we buy from OverDrive...”

  • Research Matters. How you research matters,too.

    Contact your Gale representative or access a 2-week GVRL trial to see why it’s the best platform to prepare students for college and careers. 
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