Set students up for success by providing them direct and affordable access to course materials on the first day of class

Integrate the cost of course materials into registration fees to make sure students start class with access to all their required materials, all through one digital platform. 

The Benefits of Inclusive Access

Icon: Books that represent a third of students who go through class without a required textbook

Informed Students

To help inform the more than 1/3 of students who have gone without a required textbook, Inclusive Access consolidates course content on one easy-to-access digital platform, all at a lower cost.
Icon: An illustrated backpack

Prepared Students

Only 28% of students start class with their required course materials. To better prepare the rest, Inclusive Access allows students direct and seamless access to all course materials on day one.
Graphic: Illustrations of students sitting at desks

Engaged Students

To increase enrollment and support the nearly 1 in 5 students who have deferred courses due to cost, Inclusive Access lowers course costs by delivering digital materials and incorporating costs into registration fees.