Join Us on the Journey to OER

Cengage is proud to introduce our general education course suite powered by Learning Objects, available Fall 2017.

Benefits for you:

Affordability and Time Savings

Affordability is at the core of our offering. These pre-populated courses use vetted OER content from OpenStax alongside developed content from Cengage, saving your institution precious time by having Cengage manage the curation and content upkeep.

Quality & Design

Course content is developed using instructional design principles, empowering your faculty to measure learning outcome mastery throughout the course.

Leverage the experience of our outcomes-based Services team to align content with your program goals. Deliver high quality content that meets ADA compliance standards, drives mastery with rich assessment, all delivered in a powerful digital learning environment. 

Consistent Learning Experience

View comprehensive dashboards that show how content aligns with specific learning outcomes and illustrates student progress toward mastery of outcomes.

Gain actionable insight into student progress, so you can instantly identify and communicate with struggling students. 

True OER Offering

Meeting the true definition of OER, Cengage content is licensed with CC BY and can be freely retained (keep a copy), reused (use as is), revised (adapt, adjust, modify), remixed (mashup different content to create something new) and redistributed (share copies with others) without breaking copyright law.

Course Offerings:

American Government


College Algebra

College Success

Developmental English

English Composition

General Chemistry

Intro to Computing

Intro to Psychology

Intro to Sociology

Principles of Economics

Public Speaking

U.S. History

World History

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Building academic programs that deliver big results for higher education administrators, faculty, and students

 Partner with us to develop integrated programs that enhance your curriculum, incorporate new learning technologies, and support technological advancement.

Service Benefits

Increase Student Retention

Identify at-risk students, implement intervention strategies, and address students' holistic development to increase retention and engagement.

Increase Affordability

Help students save money and succeed in class on day one with streamlined access to course materials through seamless integration.

Increase Effectiveness

Integrate engaging digital tools, LMS platforms, and enhanced assessments to achieve desired outcomes for learners, faculty, and institutions.

Service Offerings

Image: Learning Objects logo

Learning Objects

Learning Objects is an innovation partner that collaborates with institutions to rethink and rebuild the learning environment. Through engaging competency-based assessment and high-quality curriculum, Learning Objects helps institutions achieve their goals and students find success by providing an accessible and affordable learning experience.
Image: Pathbrite logo


The best-in-class cloud-based ePortfolio platform on the market, Pathbrite enables users to digitally aggregate and showcase authentic learning evidence. Through Pathbrite, students can elegantly demonstrate their skills and accomplishments to instructors, employers, community groups, and companies at large.
Image: Woman collaborating with post-it notes

Curriculum & Online Program Development

Create customized curricula that address learner needs with guidance from instructional designers, subject experts, and educational project managers.
Image: Students at a long table, Inclusive Access and increased affordability

Inclusive Access & Increased Affordability

Enable students to access content directly through your LMS or other channels by seamlessly integrating the cost of materials into registration fees.

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