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    In a recent Harvard/University of Washington information literacy study,1  first-year students described college research as “exciting” and “overwhelming.” Most found it difficult to figure out the critical inquiry process while developing competencies, practices, and workarounds for evaluating, integrating, and applying the results they found.

    • Nearly three-fourths of the student sample said they struggled with selecting keywords and formulating efficient search queries.   
    • Over half felt stymied by the thicket of irrelevant results their online searches usually returned.1

    The challenge: 

    How do you help students get past this struggle to engage them in research that leads to better grades and academic outcomes?  That is, how do we keep the “exciting” while ditching the “overwhelming”?

    The answer:  

    You can provide the content students need, aligned to their curriculum, with tools that keep them engaged, all available on the InfoTrac platform from Gale.

    • Integrated G Suite for Education—Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Docs, and more—allow users to easily save, share, and download articles, which helps educators improve student engagement, encourage collaboration, and foster critical thinking, from anywhere and on any device
    • With Microsoft collaboration tools enabled, users can store, sync, and share files by downloading Gale content to OneDrive in the cloud and easily transfer content for use in Microsoft tools like OneNote and Classroom
    • The Related Resources feature recommends additional content of interest, providing a more dynamic, relevant presentation of related content
    • Browse by discipline enables students to find tagrested results even if they are unfamiliar with advanced search strategies
    • Full-text scholarly articles within Academic OneFile are discoverable with Google Scholar
    • The InterLink feature provides a better cross-search experience by building a web of connections across Gale resources via unique subject indexing and results-ranking algorithms, helping researchers find the content they need, when they need it, without having to know the specific resource in which to find it   
    • Topic Finder, a visual search tool that allows users to discover new facets of their topics by connecting their search results in multiple ways
    • Academic OneFile allows users to browse easily and quickly by discipline, producing smaller, curated, and more targeted sets of results
    • The Search Assist feature provides suggested search terms as you type   
    • Mobile-responsive design ensures students can access the resources on the devices they use most  
    • The interface and articles can be translated into over 20 languages, and Readspeaker technology (text-to-speech) allows text to be read aloud to users

    All of these tools support InfoTrac's solid content features, including:

    • Full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources
    • Careful editorial curation
    • A low-to-no embargo rate 
    • Detailed manual indexing 

    Available content engages students around the world with extensive subject coverage of Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, General and Consumer Interests, Law, and Science & Technology.

    Student engagement and support can make all the difference

    Engage and support students beginning with their first research assignment. The features and tools of the InfoTrac platform help users develop discovery, evaluation, and application skills while providing the content they need for their undergraduate courses.  Find out more.

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    2Student Mobile Device Survey 2014: College Students. Pearson, 16 May 2014.