• “No matter how great your services are, the amazing return they provide, or their ‘essentialness,’ if people don’t know about them, they will collect dust. Libraries provide awesome services … life-changing services. Where we often fail is telling the story of what we do and what we offer to our community.”

    Tina Thomas, marketing and fund development, Edmonton Public Library

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    If you build it, will they come?

    It’s not always that simple. But take heart—we provide the resources and tools to easily bring together your community and your eBook collection. Check out how each of these resources can help!

  • Your personal library guide will guide you through the best ways to promote your eBooks. Our consultants have a broad knowledge of what works across the country, and they’re ready to share best practices.
    We host live webinars where you can interact and learn. Time-crunched? Check out GVRL on-demand video tutorials that accommodate your schedule.

    Gale ProMo provides eye-catching materials; you simply add your library’s name and URL. You can download and print yourself OR have us print and ship to you free!

    • Posters
    • Bookmarks
    • Web ads and social media posts
    Promote mobile apps and access. Access My Library is a free app that delivers access to all of your Gale resources. And in March 2015, GVRL will automatically optimize display and navigation for any device or screen size.
    Create subcollections that align to your library’s programs or community’s interests:  jobs/careers, travel, homework, health and more. Link directly from your events calendar.
    Shortcut your A-Z list and give users quick access to relevant answers with search boxes to customize and embed. Create widgets easily and use them throughout your website.

    Generate graphical and other links to speed patrons’ access to information.

    Support.gale.com is a one-stop shop stocked with items to maximize exposure and drive usage of your Gale resources

    Take advantage of GVRL’s persistent URLs to capture the interest of your online friends and fans—share fact-a-day posts, tweets, videos, blogs and more linking directly in to your Gale resources. Check out The Gale Blog for ideas and content you can share.
    View tips on integrating eBooks into your library’s programs, or talk to us about custom alignments made for you.