• Case Studies

    MeL and Gale Join Forces to Boost Michigan’s Economy

    Explore the partnership between Gale and the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) to support small-business owners and entrepreneurs. With MeL providing business-building tools, funding concerns by libraries were reduced, and users get valuable resources and guidance.

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    Smart Horizons Career Online High School: A Thoughtful Approach for Adult Learners!

    Smart Horizons Career Online Education, the first accredited online school district, designs, builds, and manages affordable, career-based online high schools. A district of Smart Horizons, Career Online High School is an AdvancED/SACS-accredited program that enables students to earn their diplomas while gaining real-world career skill.

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    Michigan High School Media Specialists Drive MeL Usage and Student Success

    Three high schools in Michigan are the top three users of Michigan eLibrary (MeL) resources for K12 schools. Learn how Media Specialists drive usage and find out why these schools have such success in integrating library resources into their curricula. 

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    How the New York City DOE/CUNY Library Collaborative Works to Bridge the Gap Between High School and College

    In college, students are expected to acquire knowledge, analyze and evaluate information, explore ideas (in depth and in a logical manner), draw conclusions, and test theories. Unfortunately, too many of our students graduate from high school without these critical-thinking and research skills, which will build foundations for college and career success in the 21st Century.

    To help address these problems, New York City’s Department of Education (NYCDOE) and the City University of New York (CUNY) formed a collaboration. Since such a high percentage of NYC high school graduates go on to CUNY colleges, this presents a unique opportunity to measure the impact of the work.

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    Nineteenth Century Collections Online: A Groundbreaking Global Digitization and Publishing Program

    This infographic gives you a snapshot of Nineteenth Century Collections Online at a glance. You’ll see the state of the resource, and you’ll learn about the efforts to create and continue to expand the archives, as well as Cengage Learning’s continued dedication to the preservation of primary source documents. You’ll also get an overview of its customers and usage highlights.

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    Infographic: Read It, Watch It, Listen to It—Gale It!

    Cengage Learning recently partnered with McKinley Technology High School in Washington, D.C., a STEM magnet school within the District of Columbia Public School System, for a two-year study to determine the impact on both teachers and students of integrating eight Gale resources into classroom learning, instruction, and projects.

    Via the following infographic, you’ll get a high-level review of the results and conclusions of this study completed at McKinley Tech High School with Project Tomorrow. You’ll see how Gale resources have helped to drive greater student achievement, improve student research skills, better prepare students for class

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    Success Stories

    Gale’s Integration with Google Apps for Education Create New In Context Fans

    Richelle O’Neil, Co-Librarian at Prosper (TX) High School took the lead in showing her district how they could be even more productive in their use of Gale In Context resources through the integration of Google Apps for Education.

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    GVRL Helps Students at an IB School Meet High Standards for Research Proficiency

    Klaudia Janek is the librarian at the Bloomfield Hills campus of the International Academy, a nationally recognized public high school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In this success story learn how Ms. Janek uses Gale resources (including Gale Virtual Reference Library, Opposing Viewpoints In Context, Global Issues In Context, and others) to help students gain research competence, develop critical-thinking skills and broaden their perspectives on compelling issues.

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    Librarian Tasked with Integrating New Reference Materials Platform to Improve Student Learning Experience

    Richard McGowan, librarian at Tascosa (TX) High School turned to Gale’s online solutions to help students narrow the focus of their research and produce more thorough and balanced work. Learn how engagement surged as students were able to access materials from home as well as where they traveled within the district.

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    GVRL Helps Writing Students Explore Words and Ideas in Depth

    Van Hillard is Director of the College Writing Program at Davidson College, a private liberal arts college in North Carolina. To provide students with access to research resources in virtually every academic, scholarly, and professional discipline, the school uses Gale’s GVRL eBook platform.

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    Evanston Public Library Enhances Patrons’ Experience with Gale’s Vast Online Resources

    Lesley Williams, Head of Adult Services at the Evanston (Ill.) Public Library, has counted on Gale products for years. Today, she says, Gale’s GVRL eBook platform is instrumental in helping her library fulfill its mission to the community.

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    Librarian Convinces Teachers to Trust Digital Reference Assets

    Teri Richardson, librarian at Washingtonville (N.Y.) High School, once struggled to convince teachers that digital offerings are as trustworthy as traditional books. Today, those same teachers are advocates – learn how the GVRL eBook platform played a role.

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    GVRL Supports Eager High School Students Across the Disciplines

    Connie Young, teacher librarian at California’s Frontier High School, works to expand and promote eBooks on the GVRL platform. GVRL’s intuitive interface and powerful search features help Frontier’s students find what they need, and its citation tools enable students to document their sources with ease.

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    Gale Virtual Reference Library Supports Online Research Proficiency

    Promoting development of online academic research skills is a must to prepare students for future success, but today’s digitally connected students can be put off if resources are cumbersome to use. Learn how Pamela Pinkerton, Library Information Technology Educator at Mansfield (TX) Legacy High School, uses GVRL to promote student success.


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    OVRC Delivers High-Quality, Accessible Resources to NYC High School Students

    Michael Dodes is an active member of the New York City library community, serving as a Library Information Specialist at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School. When students and instructors head to the library, Michael helps them get the most out of available resources—and one he often recommends is Opposing Viewpoints in Context from Gale.

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    GIC Supports IB Curriculum at International Academy

    At the Bloomfield Hills (MI) International Academy, the IB curriculum requires student resources that have a global reach. Klaudia Janek, the high school librarian, subscribes to Global Issues in Context, which delivers the broad, international viewpoints that the academy requires.

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    Gale Virtual Reference Library Supports Digital Literacy in a “Gold Medal” School

    Learn how Barrington High School (RI) Library Media Specialist and K-12 Library Department Head is using GVRL to support development of students’ information and digital literacy through the use of easy-to-use, but powerful, search features and ability to access thousands of authoritative e-resources covering academic, scholarly and professional disciplines.

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    Taming the Digital Tiger: Implementing a Successful Digital or 1:1 Initiative

    Speaker: Lenny Schad, Educational Technologist  

    Recorded April 23, 2015  

    Hear from Lenny Schad, respected educational technologist and ISTE published author of Bring Your Own Learning, as he shares his experiences leading a large Texas school district through a program of inclusion – creating an environment where it would no longer matter which brands of hardware are being used or who owns the device.

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    Preparing High School Students for College Level Research

    Recorded October 27, 2014  

    Is Google still the first stop for your students? Experts share best practices in helping students learn the process of researching – from picking trustworthy online resources to using citations for credits.

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    Demonstrating the Value of Your Library – Data That Makes a Difference

    Recorded May 22, 2014  

    Librarians share how they measure their library programs’ success and impact on students. This webinar also covers defining useful anecdotal and statistical data, building relationships with students and teachers, and collecting and using data to measure student growth.

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    Merging High School Science with Common Core Standards

    Recorded March 14, 2014  

    Gear your classroom teachings to align with the Common Core State Standards. New York teachers Michal Cohan, Mary Seligman and Joy Grasso Krebs discuss the integration of ELA standards into science-based projects, meeting CCSS for Honors Biology using online resources, and more.

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    Engage with the Smithsonian Editors

    Facilitated by Troy Anderson, Sr Market Development Manager, Marketing  

    Recorded November 20, 2013   

    as Linda Shiner, editor of Air & Space magazine, and Tom Frail, senior editor of Smithsonian magazine, provide a riveting view into these remarkable magazines, now part of Gale’s exciting online resource, Air & Space and Smithsonian Magazine Archive.

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    Building a Digital Curriculum with Library Resources to Support Common Core

    Facilitated by Jan Snyder, district media specialist for Oregon City Schools  

    Recorded October 3, 2013   

    Teachers want the most current, accurate, and relevant curriculum materials, and now texts must also meet Common Core standards. Find out how one district media specialist is working with teachers to support learning across multiple subjects and classrooms while supporting Common Core curricula.


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    What Is Artemis?

    Facilitated by Jim Draper, Vice President and Publisher, and Mark Drouillard, Product Manager  

    Recorded June 19, 2013  

    Explore Gale’s groundbreaking research platform, Artemis, that integrates digital collections and inspires innovative research. View a demonstration of this seamless experience that helps students, faculty, and researchers find a starting point, search across a wide array of materials and time, and discover new ways to analyze information.

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    The Making of The Daily Mail Historical Archive

    Facilitated by Seth Cayley, Publisher, Gale, a part of Cengage Learning  

    Recorded April 16, 2013

    In this presentation about creating the Daily Mail Historical Archive, you will see the history of this digital edition, the transformations that have taken place to the content and show you the romanticism and importance behind rescuing the thoughts, words and deeds of past generations from crumbling to dust.

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    White Papers

    From Print to Digital, from Library to Classroom

    Using Gale Resources to Support Student Learning and Skill Development.
    Learn from this case study, by way of quantitative and qualitative data collected from students, teachers, and librarians, how two schools are successfully using Gale resources for student research projects.

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    Long-lasting Effects of High-Quality Preschool Education

    The importance of early education juxtaposed with gaps in access to quality programs — underscore the value of libraries in providing resources that serve the pre-K audience.

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    Read It, Watch It, Listen to It — Gale It!

    McKinley Technology High School. Gale Resources Efficacy Study — Year Two Results The McKinley/Gale Study Project conducted by Project Tomorrow for Cengage Learning shows how incorporating accredited Gale digital resources into a high school classroom affects students and teachers

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    Tracking Database Usage and Implementing Usage Policies

    What are the most relevant metrics to track? Do hard usage numbers tell the entire story? Who should usage statistics be shared with? This guide looks at usage from varying perspectives and discusses how they help inform your decisions.

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    Read It, Watch It, Listen to It — Gale It!

    McKinley Technology High School. Gale Resources Efficacy Study — Year Two Results The McKinley/Gale Study Project conducted by Project Tomorrow for Cengage Learning shows how incorporating accredited Gale digital resources into a high school classroom affects students and teachers

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    The Top Reasons Students Become Disengaged in Classes

    When it comes to classroom distraction, many instructors and students place the blame on smartphones and other tech tools. But what if, instead, you used technology as a means of engaging students?

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    Choosing a Digital Solution that Suits Your Needs

    A recent “Digital in the Classroom” Cengage Learning study surveyed 1,000 college students and faculty to provide you with advice on choosing the best digital solutions for your needs.

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    Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

    Whether you’re just starting to use technology in the classroom or you’re well versed in the tools and terminology of edtech, you may be curious how other instructors are using technology in their classrooms.

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    Impacts of High School Completion for Adult Learners – Career Online High School

    See how libraries are transitioning from repositories of information to active learning institutions with a measurable impact on adult learners looking for an end-to-end high school completion program.


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    The New York City DOE/CUNY Library Collaborative: Bridging the Gap Between High School and College

    Track the New York Collaborative Curriculum Revision Project -- high school teachers, college faculty, and librarians working to build upon the Common Core State Standards to help students foster critical thinking skills, conduct rigorous research, and be prepared for postsecondary success.

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