• The 2011 Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS Award Winners

    Gale would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS Award:


    Elementary School Winner: Winter Park Elementary School, Wilmington, NC

    Media Specialist Jessica Moore teamed up with second grade teacher Jennifer Hatch to take one student's interest in a book about snakes and turn it into a collaborative school-wide project, involving the art, music, physical education and computer teachers.

    Students began in the library researching books on snakes and creating KWL charts (Know, Want to know and Learned) for each title. They used the information learned to write a book on snakes for their classmates, taking their research to the art teacher to create illustrations and a storyline. From there, the music teacher helped them create and record snake-like sounds in rhythm to a written sentence of the story. The computer teacher helped them scan their artwork, record their narration, and organize their story. The PE instructor taught the students about contortionism and allowed them to explore the different snake-like shapes they could make with their bodies, including each letter of the word "snakes". These recorded feats of acrobatics served as the finale for their snake story.

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    Middle School Winner: Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy, Jefferson, LA

    English teacher Lisa Valence and library media specialist Elizabeth Kahn worked together with the social studies teacher on a six-week research project to help improve student research skills. Sixth and seventh grade students reviewed available resources in their library and then conducted a webquest to learn about the credibility of websites on the internet.

    From there, students worked closely with their teacher and librarian to develop a thesis question to steer their research. During Teen Tech Week at the library, daily research riddles designed to get students using the school databases were sent electronically to all students. The students worked on the riddles in class for the opportunity to win prizes. Ms. Valence and Ms. Kahn also collaborated to help students analyze past Using Information Resources (UIR) interval tests conducted by the district to gauge student research skills. Ms. Kahn displayed questions on an interactive white board and students used metacognitive strategies to analyze the problems and select answers. A discussion of the answers followed and, as a result, UIR test scores improved after these sessions.

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    High School Winner: Skyline High School, Ann Arbor, MI

    Skyline High School successfully integrated Google Tools with teachers and students through an on-going collaboration between the Library Media Specialist (Dr. Sara Duvall), Instructional Technologist (Peter Pasque) and the English Language Arts Lead Teacher (Kristal Jaaskelainen). Dr. Duvall and Mr. Pasque worked with the ninth grade English Language Arts teachers to design a course Pacing Guide via a shared Google doc.

    Each teacher designed units and added them to the Pacing Guide, along with videos, hand-outs, tutorials, assessments, etc. Each student then set up a personal Google Site, which served as their cumulative portfolio. All sites were shared with the teacher and over time the student portfolio site was personalized and organized. Every student in the school now has a Google portfolio and is able to demonstrate mastery in using online resources to share and collaborate on information creation and retrieval. The ePortfolio not only preserves all the coursework, but becomes the culminating assessment as students present their work to teachers, peers and community members at the end of each term.

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    We appreciate the considerable time and effort all of this year's applicants put into creating and compiling their entries. We received an impressive group of submissions, which made the evaluation and decision process very difficult. The judges found it both humbling and inspiring to read first-hand about the good work being done in our nation’s schools.

    We thank you again for your submission and we encourage you to enter the TEAMS Award competition again next year.


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