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    Progress and partnership: the benefits

    Why partner with Gale?
    Through a non-exclusive partnership opportunity, you can add your trusted content to our acclaimed electronic resources. Doing so will make your content available to students and researchers around the world.

    What do we offer?  

    • Realize additional revenue (royalties) without additional investment
      Once you provide your content, we assume all costs associated with production, marketing, sales and distribution of the databases that contain your material.
    • Enrich new students and researchers
      By placing your publications online with Gale, your material can be exposed to thousands of new students and researchers who might not otherwise have had the chance to become familiar with your content. As discoverability of your content increases, you raise the visibility of your organization.
    • Enter into electronic publishing without the cost of developing your own program
      With nearly 30 years in electronic publishing, Gale has the reach and resources to develop sophisticated and efficient processes for publishing our databases. Partnering with us gives you access to this priceless experience.
    • Learn the details of electronic publishing
      The more you know about electronic publishing, the more you'll agree that it's the optimal information platform. Let Gale guide you through the terms, concepts and processes inherent in electronic publishing.
    • Stay apprised of your content's usage
      As your partner, we'll provide usage reports to give you insight into how often your content is being accessed.

    Learn more
    Call us at 1-800-877-GALE1-800-877-GALE FREE or visit the Contact Us page to learn how you can benefit by joining our growing network of partners.