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    With more than 50 million teachers and students worldwide using G Suite for Education tools, and an average of over 40,000+ Google search engine queries per second [1], Google is indisputably the place where people get their answers.

    Google for Education

    As the library continually seeks to be a valued educational partner in communities, schools, and institutions, bringing trustworthy digital content into the natural path of their users has never been more important. To make it easier for people to find and use this relevant, authoritative information, Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, has partnered with Google for Education in two ways: providing intuitive integration of popular workflow tools through G Suite for Education and indexing content in Google Scholar.

    This relationship exemplifies Gale’s effort to be a leading provider of educational technology, instructional tools, and content to help our users be successful in school, work, and life.

    "When In Context rolled out the integration with Google, that was awesome! Now students can sign in to their Google Account within In Context and save articles into their Google accounts with one or two clicks."
    -Richelle O’Neil, Co-Librarian and Leader of District Library and Instructional Technology Team, Prosper (TX) High School

    Gale & G Suite for Education

    After authentication, students and patrons are able to seamlessly sign in to Gale’s leading products using Google Account credentials, including:

    Gale's digital content integrates with G Suite for Education in four exciting ways:

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    Seamless User Login

    After authentication, users can sign in to use, save, and share Gale content using their Google Account credentials (including Gmail) without having to remember a separate password.

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    Integrated Google Tools

    Once logged in, users can easily share and download articles — including their highlights and notes — using G Suite for Education tools that include Gmail, Classroom, Drive, Docs, and more.

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    Google Classroom Integration

    With Google Classroom teachers, faculty, students, and librarians can seamlessly make announcements or assign content to students who in turn can return responses and assignments to their teachers and faculty. Gale is the first library content and technology provider to implement this feature.

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    Improved Access

    Students, educators, and library patrons can access Gale resources via apps available for free download through the Chrome Web Store.  These product apps provide an additional way for users to easily access Gale products from their tablets and mobile devices.

  • Gale & Google Scholar

    Google Scholar is now indexing selected full-text scholarly periodical content from Gale.  Users beginning their research in Google Scholar will discover content from Gale and its partners, and either be taken to the full-text of an article (if authenticated users of a subscribed library) or be directed to an abstract and information on how to access the article through their institution or library. This integration helps researchers easily discover Gale content and will bring users directly to their library’s content.

    Google Scholar is a free search engine for academic research often used by students and instructors in higher education. For more information about the indexing of Gale content in Google Scholar, visit  support.gale.com.

    Training, Support, and Inquiries

    1 Internet Live Stats, “Google Search Statistics,” 2015