• Boost Usage of Gale Courses

    Free marketing materials help you boost awareness and usage of courses. Our Gale ProMo website allows you to choose promotional materials with your library’s name and message to be sent directly from our printer to you.

    Create the materials you use most, including bookmarks, posters, tent cards, web banners, and more, with your library’s branding, all for free at gale.com/promo.

    Access is Easy

    1. Login at the Gale ProMo website: www.gale.cengage.com/promo. Enter your User Name (enter ‘Gale’ and your account number) and your Password (just your account number).
    2. Select "Quick Order" or “Easy Creation,” depending on whether you want to customize with your logo.
    3. Scroll down to find "Gale Courses" and select the link.
    4. Choose your promotional pieces, customize (if you like), order, and it will be shipped to you directly!