• Welcome to CLiC! – Transforming Today’s Learning Experience

    CLiC (Classroom in Context) provides a digital-based curriculum that transforms classrooms into an engaging and enriching experience for teachers and students. CLiC pulls resources from Gale’s In Context products, providing classrooms with up-to-date digital content that supports Common Core and other national and state standards.

    Key Features

    • Digital platform providing up-to-date classroom content
    • Web portal with multimedia content mapping to a national curriculum framework
    • Content that includes reference books, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, videos, and more.
    • Ability for teachers to customize the classroom learning experience
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    CLiC Resource Options Include

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    Six national courses

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    Customize or augment provided curriculum with your own digital resources

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    Create new custom courses through Gale

    CLiC Courses

    Loaded with curriculum-aligned lesson plans, assessments, and more, CLiC delivers authoritative digital content directly to the classroom. This powerful product brings rigor to your curriculum through specially designed scope and sequence that are customizable and expandable.

    CLIC - Icon - Biology
    CLiC Biology - Fueled by Gale’s award-winning Science in Context,CLiC Biology covers everything from cells to heredity to the human body.
    CLiC Government and Economics

    CLiC Government & Economics – This course has some of the must-studied areas: economics, democracy, international relations and more, pulling resources and content from Gale’s Student Resources in Context and Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

    CLiC - Chemistry

    CLiC Chemistry - With content derived from Gale’s award-winning Science in Context,CLiC Chemistry covers topics ranging from solutions and mixtures to chemical equations to kinetics.
    CLIC - Icon - US
    CLiC U.S. History – This curriculum-aligned course provides content, fueled by Gale’s U.S. History in Context,  with lessons including Beginnings through 1620 to American Independence (1754-1783) to Development of the Young Republic (1754-1783).

    CLIC - Icon - Earth
    CLiC Earth Science - CLiC Earth Science pulls content from Gale’s Science in Context to cover science-related areas, including Earth’s Energy, Dynamic Earth Processes and Minerals and Rocks.
    CLIC - Icon - World
    CLiC World History – Pulling content from Gale’s World History in Context,CLiC World History covers everything from Global Convergence (1450-1770) to the World at War (1914-1945) to Post-World War II to Present (1945-Present).