Stacey Knibloe, Senior Customer Education Specialist

Background: Master of Library Science, University of Buffalo; began Gale career in 1999.

You’ll find her… offering on-site resource training with coverage of K-12, academic, and public libraries across the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States and the eastern Canadian provinces.

Approach: The “Aha” moment! Stacey loves getting her students to the moment of training where instruction meets inspiration. She works to ensure that library staff members are completely comfortable using Gale eResources and can integrate them into everyday research.

Her students say …

  • “Thanks so much. Best instructional 45 minutes I've had in awhile.”
  • “THANK YOU for this class. I learned so much. Please keep doing these types of workshops. For us lone librarians without much or no tech assistance, it really is an invaluable resource.”
  • “I'm sharing a lot of the tips I learned with co-workers!”
  • “The resources demonstrated today will not only expand my teaching, it will enhance my students' quality of learning as well.”

Contact: Stacey Knibloe. Find more tips for using your Gale resources at trainer_stacey on Twitter!