Spotlight: Celebrating Poetry Month with Gale Resources!      

    April is National Poetry Month. This is a great time to learn more about poets and poetry as well as try out tools and features in Gale resources you may have overlooked.   


    Find Out More about Your Favorite Poets Using Biography In Context            

    •   Click BROWSE PEOPLE from the left on top banner.   
    •   Select POETS from the CHOOSE A CATEGORY drop-down menu.   
    •   Here you’ll find a list of poets to choose from. Each profile will include biographies, periodical articles, and more.        


    Find Out More about Your Favorite Poets Using Literature Resource Center      

    •   Use the BASIC SEARCH feature to search for poems and poets. Your results include interviews, criticism, biographies, and more.   


    Explore Poets by Subject Using Literature Resource Center     

    •   Go to Advanced Search.   
    •  Under MORE OPTIONS go to BY DOCUMENT TYPE.   
    •   Choose POEM.   
    •   Click Search.   
    •   From your results list, use the Subject Guide on the right to browse poems by topic.   


    Listen to Poetry Using Student Resources In Context     

    •   Go to Advanced Search.   
    •   Enter EXPLORING POETRY in the first search box.   
    •   Select PUBLICATION TITLE from the drop-down menu   
    •   From the limiting options, under Content Type, select AUDIO.   
    •   Click Search.   
    •   From your results list, choose a poet/poem.   
    •   Click the play button in the player to hear the poem read aloud.