• Spotlight: Back to School

    Say it with us …”Where has the summer gone?”  

    Seems like back-to-school time just sneaks up on us. Are you ready?  

    Whether it is helping someone apply to a college or university, finding a current event article, or simply getting acclimated to the products students will be using for the coming year, we are here to support your library!  

    Use our proven learning materials to make back-to-school easier for everyone:  

    Student Resources in Context encourages students to use critical thinking skills to help transition them from high school to college. Even better, state and national standards are available with relevant subject links for the specific standard. Access this recorded webinar to get a complete picture of how Student Resources in Context can help you, the teachers and, of course, the students.  

    Research in Context is our NEW middle school product. Its engaging look and ease of use will make finding authoritative information easier – and more successful – than relying on the open Web. Check it out in these on-demands, which you can embed in your library’s own website to help teachers and students.  

    Research in Context – Basics  

    Research in Context – Searching  

    Research in Context – Topic Pages and Documents  

    Bookmarks! With just a few simple steps, teachers can link directly to Gale In Context articles they want their students to read. Share this tip sheet with your fellow teachers and librarians to show them how to link to vetted searches for their students, get handpicked articles, and create a reading list from just one tool in the Gale resources.  

    Testing & Education Reference Cente r (TERC) helps up-and-coming graduates find the perfect next step, whether it’s college, trade-school certification, or a transition into the workforce. Walk them through the links to scholarships, financial aid and distance learning programs; allow them access to take ACT & SAT practices tests; and guide them to a unique resume.   

    High School Tools  

    College Tools