Help with Research and Reports for Elementary Students

The materials below will be most useful for elementary students. Feel free to use them in the library or classroom.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic for Your Report| Choosing a Topic Worksheet

Judging Information

Judging Information | Judging Information Worksheet

Creating a Web

Creating a Web to Organize Ideas | Creating a Complex Web | Creating a Simple Web|

Creating an Outline

Creating an Outline | Creating an Outline without a Web Worksheet|Creating an Outline with a Web Worksheet

Organize Your Report

Organize Your Report into Sections | Organizing Information with a Web Worksheet

Writing a Topic Sentence

Writing a Topic Sentence | How to Write a Topic Sentence Worksheet

Creating Visual Representation

Creating Visual Representation | Creating a Visual Representation Worksheet

Writing a Conclusion

Writing a Conclusion | How to Write a Conclusion Worksheet

Citing Your Sources

How to Cite Information | How to Cite a Source Worksheet