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  • Keep students in Political Science courses focused on the curriculum

    Gale Researcher is a focused, image-rich research collection of peer-reviewed content and free premium videos aligned to freshman and sophomore Political Science introductory course objectives.

  • Introduction to Political Science offers students the opportunity to deeply understand the American political system by investigating its historical evolution as well as its current state. This vital course in undergraduate education gives students the knowledge and analytical skills to engage in shaping the future of the nation.

    The first series in Gale Researcher Political Science supports learning outcomes for introductory Political Science courses, which is the most common course in the US. According to an APSA Departmental Survey, 2012-13, Political Science is “offered frequently in 70% of programs and required for majors in 61% of programs” (American Political Science Association).1

    Also covered are the U.S. Constitution; the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government; the culture of governance and politics; the roles of political parties and interest groups; campaigns and elections; public policy; economic policy; and public participation, opinion, and the media in Political Science.

    This series introduces students to the perspectives, tools, and methods used by political scientists to explore the processes, systems, political dynamics of Political Science and Politics. Essays help students understand the role of money, interest groups, political parties, citizens, and media in U.S. politics. Students can learn what public policy is and how it is established, how agenda setting occurs, clearly delineating the steps required in agenda setting, while also offering plenty of fodder for papers or classroom discussion by outlining the history, development, and current positions for various aspects of policy (social, environmental, and drug policy).

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    Gale Researcher is packed with citable, credible content written by experts in their fields of study. In addition, students will find free, premium videos aligned to the subjects they are studying from the Associated Press, PBS, BBC, and other trusted sources. The focused, peer-reviewed content leads them away from the confusion of millions of search results and aligns with your desire for higher-quality sources.
    Gale Researcher enhances the value of your collection by connecting students to your library's Gale holdings through Interlink. This technology helps contextualize keywords within an essay, linking students to even more relevant content in your Gale eBooks holdings. Gale Researcher also searches for relevant articles in your Academic OneFile holdings to suggest further reading.
    Gale Researcher can be customized to allow librarians and faculty to add relevant links outside the research collection. You can easily integrate articles, essays, videos, student research, or even information from your library’s non-Gale holdings.
    Gale Researcher works with LMS services and Google Scholar to lead students to topical information. Professors and librarians can also share links to topics or articles to incorporate material directly into the syllabus.
    Gale Researcher engages freshman and sophomore students through a simple, highly visual interface that delivers meaningful searching and browsing options. The content they find encourages students to think critically about topics aligned to their Political Science courses. At the same time, Gale Researcher's responsive design enables students to easily research and curate information for papers and projects on the go.
    Gale Researcher saves time across the board:
    • Students have a place to begin their research and find reliable information without aimlessly searching in other resources or Google.
    • Faculty spend less time gathering credible sources to support student papers and projects.
    • Librarians can direct students to one place that helps them with their assignments while using their other resources, and spend less time mapping resources to subjects and courses.
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