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  • Faculty Development Program

    Beginning January 1, 2015, the Faculty Development Modules will no longer be available for purchase.

    Schools/Instructors that have previously purchased access prior to the aforementioned date will continue to have Sign-In Access and Registration Access until their requisite expiration period occurs. 

    At this time we encourage you to visit our TeamUP website that showcases all of our Professional Development offerings, including but not limited to, both online and in-person options. Go to:   www.cengage.com/teamup for more infomation.

    These courses will help you to expand your teaching techniques, prepare you to meet unique challenges in the classroom, and develop your overall expertise as an educator. Cengage Learning is committed to the professional development of all educators. We recognize the challenges of succeeding in today's complex educational environment. This outstanding online course maintains high standards both in content and in presentation. The experience of the contributing experts will help you achieve success!