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    Unstoppable Together: Continuing Education for Accountants Virtual Event Series

    Understanding and Teaching the new Leasing Standard
    10/20/17 11/1/17
    10/27/17 11/14/17
    Presented by: Don Pagach and Jeff Jones

    The new leasing standard becomes effective for all companies in 2019. It’s important to understand the changes that the new standard creates for lessees and lessors—and how those changes can be taught in the classroom.

    Revenue from Contracts with Customers 
    10/23/17 11/8/17
    11/2/17 11/16/17
    Presented by: Carl Warren and Jeff Jones

    The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update, “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” (Topic 606) in May, 2014. In August 2015, the FASB deferred implementation of the Standard to annual reporting period beginning after December 15, 2017, with early adoption permitted. This presentation will provide an overview of the standard, discussion of why the standard was issued and the main provisions of the standard.

    An Introduction to the PCAOB’s New Auditor Reporting Standard
    Presented by: Karla Johnstone and Audrey Gramling

    Learn about the requirements of the new auditor reporting standard for public company audits. Discussion will include the motivation and anticipated benefits for the new standard, as well as the critical audit matters that the auditor will communicate in the auditor's report.

    QuickBooks Online – Accounting Has Arrived in the Cloud
    Presented by: Glenn Owen

    Learn about the important differences between QuickBooks'® desktop and QuickBooks Online versions, along with tricks, tips, and updates for a successful course integration.

    Business Communication

    Beyond the Grade Book: Preparing Job-Ready Communicators with MindTap
    Presented by: Marcy Krugel, Florida Atlantic University

    This webinar, presented by faculty partner Marcy Krugel, will highlight the benefits of MindTap that will help instructors prepare students for the work place.

    Intro Business

    Maximize the Power of MindTap in Introduction to Business
    Presented by: Shawn Orr, Ashland University

    Shawn Orr, director of faculty services in the College of Online and Adult Education at Ashland University, will share her best practices in using technology to improve student engagement and outcomes in her courses.  Shawn is a passionate educator and has worked in higher education for more than 20 years.


    Federal Tax Law Changes in 2017
    Presented by: Author Annette Nellen

    A review of key legislative, judicial and administrative developments for 2017 and their relevance to teaching and research. Some suggested exercises and in-class discussion ideas are also addressed.

    Path to Employability – Programming Webinar Series
    Presented by: Cassie Cloutier, Associate Marketing Manager and Kate Mason, Associate Product Manager, Cengage

    Do your students have the hard tech skills employers are looking for? Teach your students to learn like a developer with MindTap for Programming and Web Development.

    See how the Live IDE in MindTap gives students the coding skills they need to succeed in today’s technical computing career landscape. We’ll also show a sneak peek of our customizable labs currently in development, and tell you how you can get involved as a beta tester!

    Path to Employability – IT Webinar Series
    Presented by: Cassie Cloutier, Associate Marketing Manager and Amy Savino, Associate Product Manager, Cengage

    Do your students have the hard tech skills employers are looking for? Give your students the troubleshooting skills and certification prep they need to pass industry exams and get a job.

    See how the Live Virtual Machine Labs in MindTap give student the hands-on troubleshooting skills they need to succeed in today’s technical computing career landscape. We’ll also show a sneak peek of the labs new auto-grading feature, as well as the new Hardware Lab Simulations for A+!

    CARE Implementation Training Webinar
    Dates: 8/15/17, 8/23/17
    Presented by: The Cengage Team

    Thank you for signing up to participate in the Cengage CAREs research study. Your participation is extremely valuable to changing the misconception of the Intro Computing Course. Please join us for our CARE implementation webinar. We will be showing you how to implement this research in your classroom, how to run your own student data and best tips and tricks. There will be two sessions, feel free to join either one or both!

    Criminal Justice

    EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Make a Difference with MindTap for Criminal Justice.
    Presented by: Eugene Matthews, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Park University and Scott Rudeen, Online Program Chair for Criminal Justice, Broadview University

    Want to find ways to give your students the applied learning experience they need to be prepared for a successful career in criminal justice? Do you struggle to motivate them to be more engaged?  You can make a difference with MindTap.

    Join this interactive and conversational webinar with two experienced criminal justice instructors who will lead an open discussion on best practices for effective instruction. They will also spotlight specific ways they have used MindTap to make a difference in improved student outcomes.

    Learn how MindTap for Criminal Justice can help you power students with confidence by giving them real-life experience to improve their writing skills and make informed decisions. MindTap: Powered by You.


    Elementary Education Science Methods
    Facilitated by: Author Janice Koch
    Date Recorded: 10/18/2017

    In this webinar, author of Science Stories: Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers and emeritus professor at Hofstra University, Janice Koch, will talk about the state of K-8 science programs, how to teach elementary science with success, and the highlights of her new edition. We’ll also show MindTap—the digital solution that accompanies the book—that powers students from memorization to mastery and prepares classroom-ready, reflective teachers.

    Trends and Issues Shaping the Education Landscape Webinar Series
    Led by educators, authors, faculty, and other industry experts, these webinars are designed to provide you with valuable, compelling information to help keep you up to date with current trends and issues in the ever-evolving world of education in order to better serve your students.

    Trends and Issues Shaping the Education Landscape: Social Justice: Historical Perspectives
    Presented by: Dr. Valerie Ooka Pang, Professor Graduate Adviser, Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary and Secondary) School of Teacher Education San Diego State University

    Please join Dr. Valerie Pang as she talks about the importance of students and teachers knowing the history of oppression from various points of view. Some of the questions that teachers should be asking students is whose view of U.S. history is being presented? Who benefits from that perspective? Students, then, develop a comprehensive understanding of U.S. history, and how equal rights in the United States has come about from the leadership and struggles of many different racial and cultural groups.

    Trends and Issues Shaping the Education Landscape: Preschool Suspension and Expulsion
    Presented by: Authors Lynn Marotz and Sara Kupzyk

    Please join Professor Lynn Marotz and Dr. Sara Kupzyk for a discussion around what is driving suspension and expulsion in early childhood settings and more effective ways to address this problem.

    Trends and Issues Shaping the Education Landscape: Building Inclusive Classrooms 
    Presented by: Author Laurie Nielsen

    Please join Professor Laurie Nielsen for an exciting session on strategies for fostering inclusion in the classroom. She will discuss what an inclusive classroom framework looks like, importance of meeting the needs of every child, and the benefits of inclusive education.

    Preparing Classroom-Ready Elementary Education Teachers Webinar Series 
    Please join us for our exciting new webinar series—Preparing Classroom-Ready Elementary Education Teachers. In this webinar series we’ll talk with first-rate Cengage Elementary Education authors—you’ll get to know them, what’s new in their respective fields and how their text prepares pre-service Elementary Education students to be classroom-ready. We’ll also show MindTap—the digital solution that accompanies the book—which has proved effective in sparking student engagement and boosting outcomes.

    Elementary Education Science Methods
    Presented by: Author Janice Koch

    In this webinar, author of Science Stories: Science Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers and emeritus professor at Hofstra University, Janice Koch, will talk about the state of K-8 science programs, how to teach elementary science with success, and the highlights of her new edition. We’ll also show MindTap—the digital solution that accompanies the book—that powers students from memorization to mastery and prepares classroom-ready, reflective teachers.

    Elementary Education Reading Methods
    Presented by: Authors Betty Roe, Sandra Smith, and Nancy Kolodziej

    In this webinar, authors of Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools, Betty Roe, Sandra Smith and Nancy Kolodziej, will talk about the state of K-8 reading programs, how to teach elementary reading with success, and the highlights of their new edition. We’ll also show MindTap—the digital solution that accompanies the book—that powers students from memorization to mastery and prepares classroom-ready, reflective teachers.


    Civility in the Classroom: Tips for Teaching Contentious Topics
    Presented by: Andrew Fiala, Professor of Philosophy, California State University - Fresno

    In a time of fraught and fragmented public discourse, teachers have an obligation to teach civility and civil discourse in the classroom. Citizen-students benefit from practicing civil discourse, while discussing contentious issues in the classroom and in the community. This podcast will consider key values, methods, and techniques for creating a civil classroom.

    Andrew Fiala is chair and professor of philosophy at Fresno State University, as well as director of the university's Ethics Center. His scholarly writing focuses on war and peace, politics, religion, and ethics. He also is a columnist for the Fresno Bee.


    Motivate Students Using MindTap
    Facilitated by: Diane Carter, University of Idaho
    Date Recorded: 10/17/2017

    Diane Carter, one of our faculty partners for Public Speaking, will go over why she chose to use digital in her course, how she uses it, and what benefits she has seen for both her students and herself.

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    MindTap General Chemistry Virtual Office Hours With co-authors Bill Vining and Susan Young
    9/6 – 12/13/17
    Presented by: Bill Vining, Professor, SUNY Oneonta and Susan Young, Professor, Hartwick College

    Join us for this virtual office hour to learn more about MindTap General Chemistry, a new interactive “textbook” that incorporates OWL content with assignable narrative so that students can engage with concepts like never before.

    Quick Prep is incorporated into the learning path to help students identify prior knowledge that will be built upon in each Unit.
    • An Interactive Reading Activity for each concept combines clear narrative, visuals and example problems with graded questions and interactive modules.
    Mastery Activities let students practice each concept at their own pace, with detailed feedback, multiple attempts and dynamic problem sets so that students can’t plug-and-chug.
    Review and Challenge Questions ask students to apply what they learned and combine concepts to answer more complex questions.
    • A print component is available for students who want the convenience and flexibility of a print text.

    This virtual office hour is for both current users of MindTap General Chemistry, as well as instructors who want to learn more about this digital solution.

    Developmental Math

    Developmental Math Virtual Office Hours: Building Student Success
    8/23/17 to 12/13/17
    Presented by: Brien Dunn, Louisiana Delta Community College; Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Technology and Mathematics from Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus; Paul Nolting, Learning Specialist and Adjunct Professor at Hillsborough Community College in Florida

    What is your most difficult challenge when teaching Developmental Math?

    The most common answer we hear from instructors is keeping students engaged and motivated to progress through their math course.

    We know teaching for success in mathematics can be difficult and time consuming. Now Cengage offers two great solutions for boosting student progress in mathematics.

    Join Cengage Learning for an engaging session to learn from our current users, first-hand, how MindTap Math Foundations or WebAssign can build student confidence and accelerate progress in mathematics.

    You’ll explore today’s most exciting digital solutions for Developmental Math. MindTap Math Foundations shows early positive outcomes and incorporates the most innovative solutions to boost success in Basic Math/Arithmetic, PreAlgebra, Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. WebAssign delivers a trusted solution for keeping students on the right track to success in mathematics – from basic operations to quadratic equations and beyond.


    MindTap Health for a Well-Balanced Learning Experience
    10/19/17 11/2/17
    10/26/17 11/9/17
    Presented by: Ana Albinson, Cengage

    MindTap Health for a Well Balanced Learning Experience. Join us weekly for this Lunch & Learn series to learn more about the benefits and features of MindTap for Health.

    MindTap Health: Improving Student Outcomes
    Presented by: The Cengage Team

    Join us for a webinar demonstrating the value of MindTap. A value to both your students, and you!

    Kinesiology for Careers
    Presented by: Sr. Content Developer, Cengage

    Join us for a comprehensive Webinar of our brand NEW Kinesiology book and MindTap.

    Liberal Arts/Service Math

    Trends in Redesign for Mathematics and Statistics
    This ongoing series covers topics and trends in course redesign for mathematics and statistics.  Authors, subject matter experts, and instructors from around the country will share their experiences with these trends, explain the process they went about to implement the changes, and discuss how it worked in their classrooms.

    Quantitative Reasoning and Productive Struggle in the Classroom
    Presenter: Richard N. Aufmann, Palomar College

    Productive Struggle is a method of learning where students are encouraged students to approach difficult problems in ways that make sense to them in order to build perseverance and think outside the box.  In this webinar, Dick Aufmann, a respected author and instructor, will discuss his experiences with Productive Struggle in his Quantitative Reasoning courses and how he went about implementing this strategy.

    Redesign in Real-Time: Solutions for the Changing Liberal Arts Math Landscape
    Presenter: Rita Lombard, Product Manager and Powell Vacha, Content Developer

    Join the Mathematics Product and Content teams for a look into how Cengage is partnering with educators to develop solutions for the growing trends of Quantitative Reasoning and co-requisites.  Give your input, view the solutions, and learn about how Cengage will be your partner in mathematics redesign.


    MindTap for Nutrition: Powered by You
    Presented by: Terry Weideman, Oakland Community College

    Learn how MindTap gives instructors complete control of their course – to design engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. The clear learning path guides students and includes study resources, conceptual "Closer Look" assignments, and Diet & Wellness Plus activities.


    Your Complete Teaching Toolbox for Statistics Webinar Series

    Statistics in the Digital Age 
    9/28/17 11/1/17
    Presented by: Catherine Van Der Laan, Product Manager for Statistics, Cengage

    Teaching with the GAISE - Foster active learning, conceptual understanding and bring in real world context to engage your students and bring Statistics to life. New Labs, Projects, Simulation Questions and more help you do what you do best in WebAssign.

    PreStatistics: Building Bridges beyond Algebra
    Presented by: Don Davis, Mathematics Department Chairman at Lakeland Community College

    A new rising course area, learn about a new course designed specifically for PreStatistics. Step by Step world problems, 500+ videos and modular content help keep you teach the way you want to teach!

    Reimagining Statistics with Learning Objectives
    Presented by: Wendiann Sethi, Ph.D., Director of Developmental Mathematics at Seton Hall University

    Pick from over 200 learning objectives to create your ideal Intro Stats course. Teach whatever you want, in any order. Written in a scannable blog-like fashion with examples and assignments specific to student majors, Stats by LO offers a new innovative solution designed for the Stats instructor.

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