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    The Digital Side of Exploring Economics, 7e

    Our customers continue to talk to us about improving student engagement and outcomes.  In this edition, two new digital assets are being developed to meet those needs:

        1) FMTQ (Frequently Missed Test Questions) &

        2) Peer-to-Peer Economic Concepts Videos

    FMTQ – We reached out to over 200 instructors to find out what areas their students struggle with and which test questions are frequently missed in Principles of Economics courses.  Based on these questions, author Robert Sexton walks students through a step-by-step explanation of the concept, captured via Whiteboard and voiceover.  The students have the ability to replay these FMTQ’s and hone in on each step until they feel they have a solid comprehension of the question at hand. 


    Peer-to-Peer Economic Concepts Videos – Students perform better when they are actively involved in the learning process.  We are taking it a step farther and empowering students to share what they have learned in their microeconomics or macroeconomics class through self-created videos.  Peer-to-Peer Economics Concepts videos are designed to engage the student’s creativity while allowing them to express their comprehension of the material through short videos that explain a given economic concept. Our student-users will benefit from these videos by having the economic concepts reinforced in entertaining, creative, and relevant ways.  All videos are vetted through the Cengage content and author team.

    Example Videos

  • Econ 2c from Brittany New on Vimeo.