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    Here is your chance to change the way students learn. Get creative! In your video, show us your understanding of one of the following Principles of Economics concepts:


    • Production Possibilities Curve and increasing relative costs
    • Binding Price Controls
    • Producing the optimal amount in the presence of externalities
    • Elasticity and tax burden
    • Diminishing marginal returns
    • Short run and long run average total costs
    • Why is marginal revenue less than Price for a monopolist? 
    • In the short run, why does a firm not knowingly produce at a price below average variable cost? 
    • Prisoners Dilemma 


    • What is the difference between comparative advantage and Absolute Advantage?
    • Why is the aggregate demand curve downward sloping?
    • Why is the short run aggregate supply curve upward sloping?
    • What is an expansionary gap?
    • What is a recessionary gap?
    • How would you use monetary policy to combat a recessionary gap?
    • How would you use fiscal policy to combat a recessionary gap?
    • What is the equation of exchange?
    • Why is monetary (and fiscal) policy less effective in dealing with a supply shock than a demand shock?