Custom digital, print, and e-learning materials designed to engage students

Cengage Learning provides a wealth of options for you to customize your course materials to match your syllabus and enhance your class. 

With Cengage Learning Custom Learning Materials you can:



Augment your existing product with web links, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and royalty bearing content like Mind Apps and Original Works materials. 


Consolidate your digital resources, integrate them with your institution's learning management system (LMS), and sync grades to your gradebook. 


Extend or shorten product subscriptions to make sure your students can access the materials they need when they need them, all based on your course syllabus. 

Tailor Your Course Materials with Custom Digital Options

Your Learning Consultant will work with the Custom Learning Materials team to rearrange, remove, and create custom digital content that aligns with your curriculum, engages your students, and exceeds your course goals. 

Digital Options:

Gradable assignments provide an efficient way to assess how well your students grasp course concepts. Take that efficiency a step further by aligning the homework to your course objectives. We'll organize the homework solution, the eBook (if you're using one) and your printed textbook to match your syllabus. You can even integrate with most Learning Management Systems.
Work with your Custom Digital team to create a customized eBook that aligns with and achieves your desired course outcomes.
Custom cartridges are a great way to design a truly personalized course. Choose the Cengage Learning digital assets that complement your course, and we'll organize the content to fit your syllabus. Best of all, it's delivered through your institution's learning management system.

Our innovative integration platform allows you and your students to sync your Cengage Learning digital solution with your institution’s learning management system. Integration offers it all:

Single Login: Consolidate your digital resources in a custom dashboard, access them through your institution's learning management system, and sync grades to your LMS gradebook.

Deep Links: This includes all the benefits of Single Login plus the ability to create links to specific resources inside of your digital course.

Grade Return: This includes all the benefits of Single Login and Deep Links and integrates student grades to your LMS gradebook.

Custom websites align your digital course materials to your syllabus and deliver them to your students without the need for a learning management system. Are you using an eBook? We'll customize it and include it in your website! Do you need access to other Cengage Learning online resources? We can combine access to all of your online resources without the need for multiple access codes or user registrations.

“If you are looking for a way to deliver consistent, quality material across many sections of a course, you can't do any better than the professional content and high development standards offered by Cengage Learning Custom Digital Services group.”

Cy Keiffer, Owens Community College, Toledo, OH

Learn About Custom Print Options

Build your own solution utilizing our Compose Custom database. Find simple, powerful options for publishing your material in a style and format that reflects the way you teach your course.

When you create a custom solution, you determine the content for the course and provide students with exactly what they need to succeed.

Print Options:

  • Browse our library of 3,000 core titles, plus over 4,000 labs, cases, and readings.
  • Multiple search filters allow you to search by keyword, subject, author, or ISBN.
  • Map our content to your course!
  • Re-sequence selected material or retain the original chapter and page numbers.
  • Pick from thousands of images (or upload your own!) to create a customized cover.
  • A new table of contents and index are created to match your selections.
  • Choose a print or an e-book for your students.
  • An ISBN is automatically generated once a project is submitted.
  • Saved projects can be emailed to peers for review.
  • Projects can usually be produced and delivered within one to two weeks!


Questions? Please email us at

“I created a compilation of articles on juvenile justice topics...the cases selected directly related to the chapters that I cover in the course, so all the cases were relevant and were used throughout the semester.”

Ohaness Paskelian, University of Houston, Houston, TX

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