• What students are saying about CourseBuilder...

    "The e-lessons make me think, as compared to traditional reading material where we just memorize and read"

    "I liked how videos and questions were in between reading to keep my attention."

    "I really enjoy the interactivity. It helped keep my attention and kept me going where as non-interactive material leads to me following the words with my eyes while not paying much attention. This type of presentation of material fully met my needs as an easily distracted student."

    "The videos were a helpful aid that a textbook couldn't provide."

    "...this way is A LOT better than straight reading from a textbook..."

    "It was nice to be able to answer questions during the reading of each chapter through the ebook just to make sure you have everything down...Compared to other electronic readings however this one is nice to have some of the testing components and definitions throughout the reading so that you can make sure you understand what took place in the last lesson."

    "Interactive content makes it a lot easier to stay engaged in the reading as opposed to a plain electronic reading."

    "This was far more engaging which might be attributed to the fact that I simply liked the content of this class better than previous classes."

    "The interactive part of the e-lessons is very beneficial compared to just reading. It enhances knowledge because it keeps you thinking as opposed to reading vast amounts of material without interaction."

    "I love the tests at the end of the lesson. I think it's a great way to prepare yourself based on the most pertinent information."

    "Using the e-lesson program has been a positive experience for me. The interactive part of this book helps better understand the material."