• There’s a new way to find Wadsworth titles

    Cengage Learning’s heritage has its foundation in valuable content provided by the companies, imprints, and brands – including Wadsworth – we featured over the years. Now, to improve your experience by delivering more consistency in your product search, Wadsworth products will be branded as Cengage Learning beginning with copyright year 2015.  

    About Wadsworth
    Founded in 1954, Wadsworth supports the Humanities and Social Sciences, covering subjects like political science, psychology and criminal justice. Cengage Learning acquired Wadsworth in 1978.

    With Wadsworth now under the Cengage Learning brand, you will be better able to identify the titles and solutions that engage learners and foster improved outcomes. Find your favorites » 

    Wadsworth products are still available
    You’ll still find the outstanding titles associated with Wadsworth. The only difference is that they’ll carry the Cengage Learning brand.