• Instructions for Downloading Student Data Files

    1. Go to www.cengagebrain.com. Enter the author, title, keyword, or ISBN in the appropriate text box & select "Find."

    Student Step 1

    2. From the search results page, select the title of the product you are using and continue to the Product detail page. On this page, select the Free Materials tab, and then select "Access Now"...

    Student Step 2

    3. You will be directed to your student resources. Select any of the student resources and you will either be taken directly to a site or the center content pane will populate with a link(s) to the resource(s). If necessary, use a link to download a resource.

    Student Step 3

    4. If the File Download – Security Warning dialog box opens, choose Save. (NOTE: If the Save As dialog box opens, select a folder on your USB drive or hard disk to download the file. Write down the folder name listed in the Save in box and the filename listed in the File name box.)

    Student Step 4

    5. The filename of the compressed file appears in the Save As dialog box (e.g., 3500-8.exe, 0361-1d.zip).

    6. Select either OK or Save, whichever choice your browser gives you.

    7. When a dialog box opens indicating the download is complete, select OK (or Close, depending on which operating system you are using). Close your browser.

    8. Open Windows Explorer and display the contents of the folder to which you downloaded the file.

    9. Double-click the downloaded filename on the the Windows Explorer window. If the Open File – Security Warning dialog box opens, select Run.

    10. In the WinZip Self-Extractor window, specify the appropriate drive and a folder name to unzip the files to.
    Select Unzip.

    11. When the WinZip Self-Extractor displays the number of files unzipped, select the OK button. Select Close in the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box. Close Windows Explorer. You are now ready to open the required files.

    12. Macintosh users should use a program to expand WinZip or PKZip archives. Students, ask your instructors or lab coordinators for assistance.

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