• Gale School Toolkit: Helping You Build a Better K-12 Curriculum

    Welcome to the Gale School Toolkit, where we make K-12 educators’ lives easier. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources – from lesson plans to class projects, curriculum correlations, product information, and more – to foster better-engaged, better-achieving students.

    Tools for Districts
    Learn how Gale can help your schools provide a more rich, interactive learning experience and make measurable improvements in student performance with White Papers, PD Resources, CLiC Resources, and more.

    Tools for School Libraries
    Libraries should be the hub of information for the entire school, with librarians and media specialists serving as the students’ guide on the adventure of learning. Here you’ll find student how-to documents, Resource Guides featuring lesson plans, projects, and more, and Tip Sheets for many Gale products.

    Tools for Classrooms
    Enhance the student experience using Gale’s lesson plans, activities, assessment rubrics, guides to resources, Common Core alignments, and more.

    Tools for Common Core
    From Common Core curriculum alignments for our products to specialized toolkits, we’re helping schools make the Common Core work for them.