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    Personalized Service:
    Engaged with you so you can engage with them

    You have more demands than ever on your time. We are here to help – with ongoing training and support, customized course materials, and innovative classroom strategies shared through our in-house team of professional educators.

    Digital Course Support
    Effectively introducing digital solutions into your classroom — online or on-ground — is now easier than ever. When you adopt from Cengage Learning, you get a dedicated team of Digital Course Support professionals who provide hands-on, start-to-finish support, making digital course delivery a success for you and your students.

    TeamUP: Peer-To-Peer Faculty Development
    TeamUP, Cengage Learning's peer-to-peer faculty development group, is dedicated to helping you foster student engagement and success through a broad array of relevant and practical professional development offerings.

    Custom Learning Materials
    Cengage Learning custom solutions deliver the content you want in your preferred style and format. Maximize learner engagement by rearranging and/or removing content, combining content from multiple sources, integrating supplements, and simplifying access to digital resources.

    Format & Price Options

    CengageBrain.com gives students diverse product format options and prices (digital, print, hardcover, loose-leaf), so they can save money and engage with their course materials when, where, and how they want.

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