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    Nursing Assistant Monthly is the only ongoing training and communication program for and about nursing assistants. Based on a decade of research, this subscription-based program is designed to build the self-esteem and develop the professional skills of nursing assistants.  

    3 Reasons to Subscribe

    1. Find affordable Continuing Ed training. Earn 1 credit per month (or 12 per year) without expensive in-service training costs
    2. Enjoy a turn-key training solution. Not just a newsletter! Your trainer’s subscription will include a newsletter, facilitator’s guide, and slide presentation. Volume discounts are available when training your workforce. 
    3. Reduce turnover. Developed with input from an advisory board of national experts in long-term care, Nursing Assistant Monthly focuses on the vital interpersonal issues that challenge every employee. Research shows that the problems of low morale and high turnover can be resolved by addressing the critical interpersonal and psychosocial aspects of the nursing assistant's role, and Nursing Assistant Monthly is designed to do just that. A sampling of issue topics include:

      • Relating to Residents' Families
      • Death and Bereavement
      • Problem Behaviors in Dementia
      • Improving Communication