Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Foundations and Connections

    Beyond the Quantitative

    Cengage Learning is proud to offer a new calculus-based physics program, Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Foundations and Connections. The author, Debora Katz of the United States Naval Academy, leverages physics education research (PER) best practices and her extensive classroom experience to address the areas students struggle with most – linking physics to the real world, connecting mathematical formalism and physics concepts, and overcoming common preconceptions.

    Her case-study approach – which draws students in by relating interesting topics to physics concepts – is utilized throughout each chapter's pedagogy, including interactive Concept Exercises, which encourage active learning; and unique Student Dialogues, which spur debate around common incorrect preconceptions. Detailed, visual two-column examples use graphics to clearly frame the qualitative reasoning and quantitative steps behind a problem. When used in conjunction with a robust, book-specific technology program, Debora Katz's Physics for Scientists and Engineers will help motivate your students "beyond the quantitative" with relevant cases, carefully crafted pedagogy, and a clean visual design.