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    Student Resources in Context offers cross-curricular content aligned to Common Core State Standards, and presents that material in the way most useful for students. This unique portal provides stellar support for papers, projects, and presentations that reinforce development of skills like critical thinking and problem solving; communication; collaboration; creativity; and innovation.

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      Student Resources in Context makes research easier by providing at-a-glance information about important locations.

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    Scope and Depth

    More than 150 eBooks from Gale and its publishing partners include:

    • American Decades  
    • Discovering Authors   
    • Gale Encyclopedia of Science  
    • Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations  
    • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices  

    News and Multimedia

    • Full-text newspapers and periodicals include The Economist, The New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, Popular Science, Smithsonian, and many more
    • Engage users with hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and audio selections: archival film clips, broadcast video, BBC News, New York Times video, NPR, and more
    • Interactive maps encourage deeper investigation.