• It's Here! Hot Off the Press, Business English, 11e!

    In the 11th edition of BUSINESS ENGLISH, we are proud to present an even more efficient textbook that helps your students develop the basic language skills they need to excel in today's digital classroom and workplace. True to its original goals, this edition continues its three-level approach but also has been totally revised with new features that make your teaching easier and more effective.

    • New! Streamlined Text in 14 Chapters. So that you can complete the book comfortably in one semester, we have reduced the number of chapters to 14. Combined chapters now enable you to cover, for example, nouns and pronouns in two chapters instead of four.
    • New! Automatic Feedback and Grading. CengageNOW promotes skill-building with reinforcement exercises that provide immediate feedback to students and automatic grading to instructors. This program diagnoses a student's problem areas, creates a personalized study plan for remediation, includes PowerPoint slides, and delivers an integrated e-book to make studying effective and convenient.
    • Premier Student Website! Students with new books may access chapter review quizzes, PowerPoint slides, Ms. Grammar tutorial program, flash cards, glossary, bonus bloopers, and many other learning resources. Access to the premier website may also be purchased at www.cengagebrain.com.
    • Expanded, Enhanced, and Updated Content! As students build their language skills, they are also becoming familiar with today's workplace. Chapter content often focuses on current business concepts happenings, and historical milestones.
    • New Exercises! At least 30 to 80 percent of pretests, posttests, chapter-ending reinforcement exercises, and testing materials include new content to freshen this edition.

    Ordering BUSINESS ENGLISH, 11e, for Your Students

    My coauthor Carolyn and I have produced a fabulous teaching/learning tool for you and your students. The new interactive homework che.cking and grading will boost learning for your students and make it easier for you to deliver a quality class.

    In my opinion, the best value for your students is CengageNOW, which includes access to the ebook and premium website. Because of the many print and digital options, please speak with your Cengage Learning sales rep before making a decision on what option is best for your students. If you are not already working with a sales rep, please connect with him or her right away to be sure you understand how to put together the best package and value for your students. Remember that access to the premium website materials comes free with every new book.

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