• Let Aplia Lighten Your Load

    by Mary Ellen Guffey

    How can you be sure that your students are completing the homework and preparing for class so that they can benefit from classroom discussions and lectures?

    We all recognize that even wonderful textbooks are useless if students are not reading them. I receive lots of messages from instructors praising the excellent assignments and resources that my coauthors and I provide with my books. But, instructors ask, how can we encourage students to complete the assignments? Many of you have told me that students are more likely to use a resource and complete a homework assignment if they receive a grade on it. However, if an instructor must check every assignment to be sure that a student has completed it, the burden can become intolerable, especially as classes become larger and larger.

    Enter Aplia, Homework Checker

    To solve the homework problem, we provide Aplia, which has become a huge success with both my Essentials of Business Communication (EBC) and Business Communication: Process and Product (BC:PP). Aplia combines the content of the textbook with the advantages of an interactive digital environment. It's "flipbook" navigation allows students to easily scan text contents, and its multimedia features keep students engaged. Stanford University professor Paul Romer, developer of Aplia, recognized that student effort is a very important determinant of student success. "Unfortunately," he said, "we simply do not have the tools to encourage more effort without taking up a lot of our time." That's why he developed an automatically graded homework management system.

    Chapter Assignments

    Developed specifically for EBC and BC:PP, Aplia provides original chapter assignments that are automatically graded and highly randomized. Students are given up to three attempts on every question. Combined with detailed feedback explanations, Aplia offers students the opportunity to learn from and improve with every question. The best part is that instructors can quickly see whether students have completed the homework before coming to class.

    How One Instructor Uses Aplia

    Professor Beverly Payne, Missouri Western State University, says:

    Like many other instructors, I use and love Aplia. I have my students complete the chapter tutorials and exercises before I talk about the material in class. This allows for a greater focus on applying the material during class time. Much less lecture for me!


    You can easily download, save, manipulate, print, import, and export student grades using either Aplia's gradebook or your own grading program. Aplia's gradebook includes options such as real-time student-by-student visual and interactive gradebook analytics as well as three grading options to allow you to modify how your students' assignments are graded and tracked.

    Learn More

    To learn how you can use this homework solution in your course, visit www.aplia.com, call 888.858.7305, or talk to your Cengage sales rep.