• Employers Name Most Wanted—Job Skills

    By Janet Mizrahi
    Newsletter Editor

    As we inch out of the recession, employers are beginning to hire, albeit with caution. However, organizations are expecting more from those they do bring on. Four skill sets remain at the top of employers' most wanted list.

    1. Communication. The ability to communicate clearly, whether to coworkers, in presentations, or by writing—continues to be paramount to employers. Good communication skills are especially important for job seekers, says Holly Paul, a recruiter for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Paul says a candidate's enthusiasm and ability to articulate a point come through in a five-minute conversation.

    A senior executive director for Robert Half International is more concerned about recent grads' writing skills. He says candidates must be able to communicate clearly in more than 140 characters and pay attention to basics such as proofreading and spelling.

    2. Professionalism. Employers want to know that employees can represent the organization's values. To exhibit a professional persona, job candidates must extend that persona to their social networking spaces. Despite privacy settings, employers find ways to view social networking pages that naïve workers think are private. Leaving personal posts about last night's binge or other indiscretions does not give employers confidence that the employee will exhibit professional judgment on their behalf.

    3. Flexibility. Employees who can adjust quickly are a boon to a firm. Businesses must react nimbly to changes in the marketplace, so they require employees to exhibit the same kind of flexibility. Workers who are willing to learn new skills and adapt to new responsibilities help employers' bottom lines.

    4. Productivity. Companies are looking for workers who can operate in growth mode now. Executives want to increase productivity by 20 percent in 2013, according to a recent survey. To be more valuable, employees should volunteer for projects and look for ways to help the firm. Employers trying to make the most of the economic turnaround will appreciate proactive employees who can demonstrate creative problem solving skills.

    Source: Mantell, R. (2012, Nov. 18). Must-have job skills in 2013. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from www.wsj.com