• Update on Textbook Editions

    by Dr. Mary Ellen Guffey

    My coauthors and I keep busy updating each of my textbooks so that you and your students will benefit from new exercises, teaching tools, and up-to-date information. Below I've summarized the newest additions to each of my books.


    The Ninth Edition of Essentials of Business Communication will be available from Cengage Learning in January. My coauthor Dr. Dana Loewy and I have worked diligently to bring you a thoroughly revised and updated teaching and learning tool to engage students and prepare them for entering an increasingly digital workplace.

    The Ninth Edition of this market-leading text-workbook offers your students integrated, cutting-edge coverage of digital tools and social media. You'll find more figures and model documents, as well as many new activities that include the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Every chapter has been updated to acquaint students with the latest trends in workplace communication technology.

    Best of all, Essentials is easy from which to teach because of all the supplementary resources including an excellent Instructor's Manual. We provide a complete Prebuilt Course so that novice instructors can step right into the classroom with a professional syllabus, assignment schedule, grading plan, and lecture notes for every chapter. In addition, every chapter contains 40 to 100 percent new activities including many recent and highly topical examples to prepare students for the high-stress modern workplace dominated by information technology.


    It's hard to believe, but Dana and I will begin working on the next edition of BC:PP right now. I know that most of you are currently using the Seventh Edition, and I hope you have discovered all of the resources available at wwww.meguffey.com.

    I've had considerable feedback from instructors telling me that they love Aplia, our homework helper resource. Greg Morin, coordinator of Managerial Communications at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, says that he has given up pop quizzes. He doesn't need them anymore because Aplia works better. It provides chapter and grammar review exercises that are graded automatically. He doesn't have to take time away from class to ensure that students have read and understand the homework assignment, thus making class time more productive. And students actually do more grammar, he says. Aplia is one of our most popular supplements for my books.


    My coauthor Carolyn Seefer and I are deeply involved right now in revising the Tenth Edition of Business English. The Eleventh Edition will be available in January of 2013, and we are making big changes in this tremendously popular grammar book. Because it's difficult for many schools to cover 18 chapters during their courses, we are combining some chapters to present a book with only 14 chapters. Carolyn and I are working hard to retain all the needed principles and concepts but in a more streamlined form.

    In addition, we are considering adding Aplia as a homework solution for this book. The decision hasn't been made yet, but Aplia has been so successful with my other books that we are trying to make it available to instructors and students in business English courses. Aplia would provide automatically graded exercises and quizzes online that ensure students have read and understand the homework for each chapter. Stay tuned! We'll have more information later.

    Ordering Examination Copies

    You may order an examination copy of any of our books by calling 1-800-423-0563 or by writing to Leigh.Smith@cengage.com