• Note From Mary Ellen

    aug12-1 Mary EllenI know it's not possible, but it certainly seems as if summer flies by at a faster pace than other seasons! I've been busy developing a new, breakthrough edition of Business Communication: Process and Product with my coauthor Dr. Dana Loewy. Still, the summer wasn't all work—I was thrilled to join my daughter and granddaughter for our all-girls Disney cruise to Alaska. It was a delightful bonding experience for a workaholic family!

    In This Issue: Zombie Nouns, Freebies, and More!
    I'm especially pleased to bring you this quarter's newsletter. It's packed with practical resources you can take right into your classrooms. This issue's Writing Technique exercise is called "Zombie nouns," a term recently coined by Dr. Helen Sword to describe buried verbs. She calls them "zombie nouns" because they cannibalize active verbs and suck the lifeblood from your writing.

    Be sure to check out the ready-to-use bonus case study with a solution that will help your students learn about writing clear instructions. And my newsletter editor Prof. Janet Mizrahi has written a wonderful article called "Why Can't They Get It?" in which she explains how she mined past newsletter resources to bolster her students' use of the direct pattern strategy.

    Edition Updates: EBC and BC:PP
    It's great to hear from many of you who will be using the 9th edition of Essentials of Business Communication for your fall classes. Remember that tons of extra learning resources are available at the Premium (not Companion) websites for both EBC, 9e, and BC:PP, 7e. If you need help in finding the premium websites, take a look at my article in this newsletter. In addition, my coauthor Dr. Dana Loewy and I are working diligently on the 8th edition of Business Communication: Process and Product, to be released in September, 2013. This exciting edition will integrate social media and new technologies as well as many infographics and stunning visual learning tools.

    Business English, 11e, To Be Released January, 2013
    My coauthor Carolyn Seefer and I are proud of the soon-to-be-released 11th Edition of Business English. We've shortened this new edition from 18 chapters to 14, and we've totally revamped the exercises with current, stimulating business content. New online exercises will make this the best edition yet for distance learners.

    ABC in Hawaii
    I hope you've made your reservations for the 77th Annual International Convention of the Association for Business Communication in Hawaii. Please visit me and my coauthors Dana Loewy and Carolyn Seefer from October 24-27 at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, Honolulu. For more information about the convention, go to www.businesscommunication.org.

    E-Mail: Hate It, Ignore It, Curse It–But It's Not Going Away
    At ABC, Joyce Staples and I will be presenting a session titled "Hate It, Ignore It, and Curse it–But It's Not Going Away: Email and 10 Employer Expectations of New Hires." If you can't make it to Hawaii, we'll probably be presenting this as an upcoming webinar.

    Remember that I love to hear from you! Send a message to m.e.guffey [at] cox.net.

    Mary Ellen