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  • Developing Future-Ready Students: Confident and Competent

    The statistics regarding student readiness for college have caused concern throughout the education community.

    • 51% of college freshmen have a hard time learning to navigate new research tools.
    • 43% of college freshmen find it difficult to make sense of information once sources are found.
    • Freshmen identify their specific troubles with these aspects of research:
      • Coming up with keywords (75%)
      • Sorting through irrelevant search results (57%)
      • Identifying and selecting sources (51%)
      • Integrating writing styles from different sources (43%)

    As schools work to embrace their role in preparing students for the challenges of collegiate research skills, they are finding Gale to be a worthy partner.  Here’s why:

    • Gale resources are widely used in colleges and universities, so the experience they gain using Gale content in high school will translate to greater post-secondary success thanks to familiarity and comfort.
    • Gale is part of Cengage Learning– a company with a deep heritage and ongoing leadership in academic textbook publishing. With our in-depth knowledge of college curricula, learning requirements, and topical coverage, we deliver the content students need to be successful in college and careers and offer the tools to help teach those skills.
    • With content that supports collaboration, development of study and organizational skills, writing skill development, and critical thinking, Gale helps students develop capabilities they’ll need for college success.
    • And for students heading directly into vocational and career pursuits, Gale’s expertise in supporting public libraries keeps us in tune with the needs of today’s job seekers.  We offer support for skill development, certification, entrepreneurial interests, and much more.  Students who have used Gale content in high school will feel “at home” using Gale content provided by their public library as they pursue career information.

    Content, Technology and Tools that Deliver Results

    In addition to the easy navigation and quality content, features and tools within Gale’s most popular resources help foster critical thinking, encourage collaboration, and lead to the development of the key study and organization skills that serve students throughout their lifetime.

    • Search Assist (with “Did You Mean?” functionality) provides familiar, web-like prompts to guide users.

    • The topic overviews within the Gale In Context suite are written by an expert editorial team to provide accurate and age-appropriate context for each subject.

    • Portal pages bring together a variety of informational texts and formats to help students identify and evaluate content from multiple sources.

    • Related topics and websites help students discover other relevant digital content.

    • MLA7, APA6, and EasyBib citation tools help students learn how to use copyrighted materials properly.

    • Highlights and Notes help students personalize content and support the development of key study and organizational skills. Highlighting and annotations can also be downloaded and exported.

    • Virtually any page within a Gale resource can be bookmarked by way of a password-embedded URL that never expires—so students can save and share the most useful content confidently.

    • Users can sign in using their Google Account, and then share, save, and download via Google Apps for Education such as Gmail, Drive, and Docs.

    • When a user is reading a reference article in a Gale In Context resource, selecting  terms displays links to additional content relevant to the their search. A generation raised with Wikipedia will find the functionality familiar but with the added benefit of the content being trustworthy.

    • 85% of school media centers give students access to resources offered through their state library. States and schools using InfoTrac to deliver periodical content have access to Gale’s propriety InterLink technology, which promotes connections between search results within current articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals from the library’s InfoTrac periodical products, such as Academic OneFile, with contextually-related reference content found within the library’s GVRL eBook holdings.

    • Topic Finder, available within Gale’s InfoTrac and literature resources, helps students think critically about forming search queries by using an engaging visual search result display to help them narrow or broaden their research topic.
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    The Future Begins Right Now

    Students have told us that they want 1) control over the learning process, 2) learning to be relevant and contextually rich, and 3) to use a wide range of digital tools, resources, and content.

    Gale provides a satisfying research experience that meets their needs – while also giving students essential skills in using research tools, forming queries, navigating search results, analyzing information, and more.  Find out how you can help students prepare for their exciting future. Request more information from your Educational Sales Consultant today, whether it’s a high school, middle school and elementary students.