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    Preparing students for college and career means giving them access to quality content and integrating it into their learning.  Top schools require greater reading rigor, development of inquiry-based learning and research skills, and digital literacy and citizenship.  And for those engaged in BYOD/1:1 programs, making digital nonfiction content available from any device is a critical part of the equation.

    • When asked what holds back plans to implement digital learning, principals say their number-one concern is evaluating digital content quality. 
    • Another 33% say that lack of teacher training on digital content within instruction is a key barrier.

    Gale can partner with your school or district to identify and deliver nonfiction content needs, which have increased substantially under new state standards.  Under many standards, reading requirements call for an overall 50-50 balance of literary and nonfiction reading. Requirements increase by grade, and culminate in a 70% nonfiction requirement for 12th-grade students.  These high standards place new pressures on schools to provide trustworthy nonfiction content to support research and learning.

    Gale is uniquely prepared to serve schools with high-quality content, drawing on our rich heritage of publishing award-winning nonfiction and managing partnerships with other distinguished publishers.  We offer a wealth of nonfiction content, including:

    • Biographies
    • Essays
    • Articles
    • Journals
    • Viewpoints
    • Explanatory writing
    • And more

    Content is delivered using teacher and student-friendly tools – in all formats (html, pdf, video, chart, maps, images, infographics, audio, and more), and to all devices.

    Demonstrated Success Using Gale Resources

    In the recently published study, Trends in Digital Learning: Empowering Innovative Classroom Models for Learning, students indicate that as a result of using technology to support their learning:

    • 54% develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • 61% collaborate more with classmates.
    • 61% are able to learn at own pace.
    • 63% are developing creativity skills.

    Students who use Gale resources (specifically) demonstrate enhanced performance and also said they gained important skills from the experience.

    Request a copy of Gale’s white paper summarizing the results of a two-year efficacy study conducted by Project Tomorrow, which evaluates the effect of integrating Gale resources into the classroom on student engagement and performance.



    Richer Content, Richer Curriculum

    Do you resolve to expand trustworthy nonfiction content resources for your school?

    Ask us for evidence about how content supports curriculum … about how integrating content into classroom learning enriches student outcomes … and about how Google Apps for Education, free websites, mobile apps, and will  enhance learning for high school, middle school, and elementary students.

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