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  • Differentiating the Learning Experience Using Technology

    Every student has unique needs and learning styles.  How can instruction be personalized in a way that enables each student to comply with standardized state and national requirements?

    Quality supplemental materials delivered in flexible ways can support individualized learning needs.  In partnership with Gale, your school or district is well positioned to make that possible, either by leveraging your library’s existing resources or by putting digital content directly into the classroom.

    According to a June 2015 Speak Up report, “Trends in Digital Learning: Empowering Innovative Classroom Models for Learning,” the training teachers say what they need most is learning to differentiate instruction using technology.  And what they want most is to be able to customize the use of digital content to meet classroom needs.  Working with your library, media center, or technology team, we can help you fulfill these needs.

    • Find level-appropriate titles and articles by grade, complexity (basic, intermediate, advanced), or Lexile range.  Advanced search tools within each Gale resource help you identify the right resources for every reader quickly and easily.

    • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology not only supports students who are visually impaired, but enhances study for struggling readers who benefit from hearing each word aloud as they follow along. You can customize ReadSpeaker with options for adjusting the reading speed, enabling automatic scrolling to follow along with the audio, and highlighting text using prompts like increased word or sentence size, color, and underline.

    • Translate content into students’ “first language”… or a language they want to learn. Translation tools across Gale’s popular platforms help students from diverse populations access and understand essential information.

    • A Pew Research Center study on American students depicts a K-12 student body that is more racially diverse than ever, with Hispanics among the largest and fastest-growing minority groups. In fact, a number of states have at least one-in-five kindergartners who are Hispanic. Choose from hundreds of age-appropriate Spanish-language and bilingual titles from Gale’s leading publishing partners like Britannica Digital Learning.

    • Select and share content with individual students or the entire class. In every classroom, some students prefer to learn visually, while others need to read and digest information at their own pace. Virtually any page in Gale's resources can be shared with students by passing along password-encrypted URLs.  This includes topic overviews and portal pages, search results, chapters, articles, videos, and more.  And because all content is simultaneously accessible to an unlimited number of users, no one will need to wait to participate.

    • Mobile-responsive design delivers the best experience for researchers from any screen size or device, and it’s ideal for providing content to support 1:1 or BYOD initiatives and students on the go. Engaging multimedia content from leading sources gives students the information they need, when, where, and how they want it.

    • Help those with low vision better navigate with high-contrast headers and buttons. Gale complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to make our information available to people with disabilities, including those with blindness or low vision. Our most widely used resources all offer a high-contrast header with white text and tool buttons in bright orange, which makes it easier for users to see content. With this stronger separation of background and foreground, accessibility is improved for those listening to the content as well. The font size can also be adjusted within any Gale product.
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    Pair Leading Technology with Leading Content

    If supporting differentiated learning with technology is on your to-do list this school year, learn about our new, newly enhanced, and popular resources for high school, middle school and elementary students. Or, request more information from your Educational Sales Consultant to get started.