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    Use the "Unsubscribe" link provided at the bottom of the e-mail you receive and follow the instructions.

    To unsubscribe from the InfoTrac Discussion Group List:

    1. Address an e-mail to: listproc@gale.com
    2. Do not put anything in the subject line.
    3. In the body of the e-mail, type:
      unsubscribe infotrac2000-L
      (Do NOT add your first and last name)
    4. Send the e-mail.

    You should receive confirmation within 30 minutes. Note: the return address on your unsubscribe message must be the same address to which the Discussion List sends its mail. The unsubscribe software uses the return address to find your address on the Discussion List address list. So you probably need to use the same computer on which you receive the Discussion List e-mail to send your unsubscribe request.

    If the unsubscribe directions do not work, send contentqa@gale.com a copy of a Discussion List message to you with a request to delete your e-mail address. The list administrator will manually delete it.