• More tools. Better research.

    Current, high-demand content is valuable to your library only if your community can find and use it in a meaningful way. The GVRL interface and experience are consistently reviewed by users and by librarians like yourself to ensure your students and faculty are making the most of the library's investment.

    cite feature
    New parenthetical citation tools provide smarter, on-demand citation in MLA 7 or APA 6. Students can export to EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager or RefWorks.

    When used in conjunction with the Highlight feature, these tools provide students both the article citation and a persistent URL, accessible within your network.

    highlight feature
    Keeping track of important information and organizing thoughts while researching with an eBook has never been easier.

    With access to six colors, students and faculty can highlight across pages and images. This session-based feature allows access to the full list of articles/sections highlighted and view the article title, user-entered notes, the complete highlighted text, and an indicator of the highlight color selected.

    note feature
    Using electronic resources to do research offers a lot of advantages. And now, organizing and annotating that research is easier than ever.

    Add Notes easily to selected sections of important articles, quotations, or questions. Access the session-based Notes with the Highlighted Articles to view the selected text, and article and text title.

    link feature
    Help students and researchers dig deep into your library's eBook collection with InterLink technology.

    Providing contextually relevant hyperlinks within the current journal content of your periodical holdings from Gale, including Academic OneFile, InterLink allows students to continue searching on a topic with confidence. Blue links indicate a content match, offering a list of available articles within the library's holdings to explore further.
    Read more about InterLink

    translate feature
    Exploring a text in its original language is often the best way to ensure research is unburdened by misinterpretation. But sometimes, understanding the text requires some intervention. GVRL can help with that.

    Display the interface into one of 34 different languages. English-language articles can be translated into 19 languages. Original content in 10 languages can be translated to English.

    listen feature
    Do your users need to listen to a section that needs more clarity, or want to take advantage of drive time to get more work done? They can easily download the audio – free, in 19 languages – to take the time they need, at the time they want, with their research.

    take away feature
    Whether they want to save a link to a bibliography or download a PDF to their device, information within your GVRL holdings are easily accessible now or later.

    Persistent URLs enable users to provide a citation-correct link directly back to their source materials with confidence; your library owns every book in your GVRL collection.