• 2015 Enhancements FAQ

  • Here are answers to the Top 10 most frequently asked questions about this enhancement release.

    1. What is included in these enhancements?

    In addition to responsive design, a number of aesthetic improvements are being introduced, primarily focused on increasing accessibility, improving user workflow, optimizing for mobile access and unifying the experience across our research platforms.

    2. Which products are affected by this release?

    The interface enhancements will affect GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library) and all resources in the InfoTrac and In Context families as well as PowerSearch, GenealogyConnect, Twayne's Authors Online and Scribner Writers Online. The In Context suite includes Biography, Canada, Opposing Viewpoints, Science, Student Resources, U.S. & World History.

    Note: The InfoTrac header will be updated in two stages. On April 2nd, it will adopt the new high-contrast color palette and tool placement. Over the summer, the search bar will be added to the homepage header in order to complete the creation of a common search experience across all resources.

    3. When are the enhancements being released?

    Enhancements will be released automatically to your resources on April 2, 2015. A preview of the new experience is now available from within GVRL and InfoTrac.

    4. Will these changes affect my usage reporting?

    Usage reporting remains Counter 4 compliant. One possible change is increased usage due to the optimization of each product for mobile devices. Improved user satisfaction for mobile users is likely to lead to increased usage. According to surveys conducted via Foresee, nearly 70% of all users accessing a Gale resource from a tablet or smartphone said they would be more likely to use the product if it were mobile optimized.

    5. Will the content and functionality stay the same?

    Yes. The changes are largely aesthetic, affecting the layout and design of user tools and navigational elements. The content and functionality for each resource remains unchanged.

    6. Have these changes been tested with users?

    Each enhancement has been tested with a statistically significant number of students, academic researchers, and information professionals across public, K-12 and academic libraries by Gale’s expert User Experience Research and Product Development teams.

    7. How will users be notified?

    Messaging and a link to preview the new experience will be introduced to existing product interfaces at least one month prior to the release of the enhancements. A link to try the new experience is available now in GVRL and InfoTrac.

    8. Can I preview the changes live ahead of time?

    For each enhanced product, screenshots of the homepage, search results page and an article page have been provided for preview now. Additionally, a link to try the new experience is available now in GVRL and InfoTrac. You can access a live preview of the enhancements from within your existing resources.

    9. Will training materials be available?

    Yes. Gale’s Customer Education team is updating all on-demand training tutorials and scheduling live webinars. You can view available training resources as they are updated on the Gale Training page.

    10. Do I have to change my MARC Records, Bookmarks or other URLs?

    URLs are updated seamlessly, and bookmarks & MARC Records will redirect automatically. These enhancements will automatically be released to all affected products on April 2, 2015—no action is required from you.

    Learn More

    To get better acclimated to the enhancements, you and your users can now try the new experience from within GVRL and InfoTrac. Read in detail about the improvements or contact us for more information.